This listing of aircraft crashes in Dorset has been compiled from many sources both official and amatuer.Notably, much information has come from CAA sources,and many of the aviation enthusiasts magazines including Air Britain,LAAS,British Aviation Review,Air Pictorial,Flypast etc.As may be expected,there is often conflicting information ,in particular regarding WW2 crashes.If you can add to or correct the list please E mail me
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The list includes aircraft which crashed within the area around Bournemouth and Christchurch which changed from Hampshire to Dorset during the boundary changes of the 70s.
Crash lists for Hampshire,and The Isle of Wight are available on my other websites.The Hampshire list is very large and may be downloaded to view if required.The Isle of Wight list must be viewed online.

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The two pictures above show Avro 504L K-146(c/n ATC13) after a mishap at Weymouth. The building is the old Pavilion (later Ritz) Theatre. The incident which led to this situation occurred on Saturday 16th August 1919. The seaplane was piloted by Captain Alan Storey and had come up from the west to pick up a lady passenger and take her to Bournemouth. Just after take-off it appears that the propellor broke up after an explosion and the aircraft force-landed ahead. The two occupants were rescued by boats which put out from the beach and the wreckage was towed to the harbour (where the two pictures show it). The aircraft is noted in the GB register as written off(presumably bookkeeping date)on 5 October 1919 having been allotted the new marks G-EAFG(not taken up).
The photos are from John Willows, via Colin Pomeroy


The Dorset list may be downloaded as a text file here.(Right Click and "Save Target as")

Updated 14 Feb 2016
With additional information from Howard J Curtis and from "Wings over Weymouth" by Colin Pomeroy

The earliest recorded accident was 'Around 1891' Three aviators lifted off in a balloon from Lodmoor but the wind changed and they started to drift towards the sea. In an attempt to avoid this, they operated the release valve incorrectly and became entangled in the spire of St. John's church on the esplanade. They managed to release themselves and then landed heavily on the beach .

Moving on to the 20th century.... Date Aircraft Type Unit Fate 28-05-07 "Thrasher" War Department (Army) balloon dropped into Lyme Bay. Both crew drowned. 12-07-10 Short-Wright Biplane Cr at Southbourne,Pilot,Hon C.S.Rolls killed 24-04-16 "Biplane" cr at Talbot Village 1917(Summer) Zero Airship cr Loders en route to RNAS Toller 22-07-18 Bristol Fighter cr Christchurch Rd ,Bournemouth 15-8-19 G-EAEE Channel Mk 1 written off at Bournemouth 10-9-19 G-EALP Supermarine Sea Lion cr in sea off Bournemouth 23-6-24 N9512 Westland Walrus - ditched in Weymouth Bay. The photo below (from Nick Wiseman) shows recovery attempts after the ditching.
4-6-27 G-EBDO DH.37A Fatal crash at Ensbury Park Racecourse. 6-6-27 G-EBPW Westland Widgeon cr Ensbury Park Racecourse after colliding with G-EBKD. 6-6-27 G-EBKD Blackburn Bluebird cr Ensbury Park Racecourse.See G-EBPW above. 29-5-28 G-EBLA Avro 504K crashed into Weymouth Bay after failing to pull out of a spin.1 killed(Pilot) passenger survived. See 29-5-26(?) 7-8-30 G-EARZ Avro 504K accident at Bournemouth 16-11-31 G-AAEN DH60G Crashed Blandford pilot's control column came adrift. 26-01-32 N255 Parnall Peto lost when the submarine M2 sank in West Bay. 25-6-34 G-ACCF Fox Moth Provincial Airways. failed to clear standing crops on take-off from Middle Farm airfield at Dorchester and crashed half a mile from Maiden Castle. The aircraft was extensively damaged but all on board survived.Repaired. 26-11-37 K7056 Blenheim I H.A.D. cr at Woodsford airfield 11-12-37 K7594 Fairey Battle 226Sq spun in at Chesil Beach 2 crew killed 9-8-34 G-ACJD Miles Hawk Crash at Crichel Park Golf Course 14-1-38 K6057 Westland Wallace II 6 ATC Stalled & cr at Holworth,Owermoigne. 10-3-38 K6063 Westland Wallace II 6 ATC cr Langton Herring 18-3-38 K5985 Swordfish I Air Torpedo Development Unit,RAF Gosport. Hit trees and cr at Kingston,Corfe Castle.Pilot + 2 groundcrew pax killed. 12-4-38 K3086 Hawker Audax 2 FTS cr Warmwell airfield 25-5-38 K8223 Hawker Fury 9 FTS Hit drogue and cr off Chesil Beach 10-12-38 K8271 Hawker Fury 9 FTS Crashed into the waters of the Fleet opposite Fleet House after the tail struck Chesil Beach during a firing pass. Pilot killed. 10-3-39 K6063 Westland WallaceII 6ATS force landed in a field between Chickerell and Langton herring and caught fire. Occupants survived but the aicraft was burnt out. 13-3-39 K4396 Hawker Audax 6 FTS Failed to pull out of a dive and hit the top of the beach before crashing into the sea 20 yards beyond. Pilot killed. 12-7-39 (single seat a/c) crashed two miles off Chesil Beach after it became entangled in the tow cable during an airgunnery exercise. Iraqi pilot (attached to an RAF FTS) was killed. 05-08-39 VT-AIC Envoy III, Maharajah of Indore. Fcd Ldg nr Weymouth recovered by team from Portsmouth. See photos (via John Pears and Mike Phipp)
2-12-39 K9267 Battle 1, CGS cr Grimstone. 2-4-40 K4654 Hind 1 10 BGS accident at Warmwell. 2-4-40 L6982 BP Defiant I C.G.S cr Warmwell Airfield 3-4-40 K5544 Hawker Hind 10 BGS cr landing at Warmwell 22-4-40 K3525 Fairey Seal 10 BGS cr Langton Herring.Pilot Killed 22-4-40 K8173 BP Overstrand I 10 BGS cr in sea off Chesil Beach.3 killed 22-4-40 N7551 Miles Master I CGS pilot baled out over Puddletown 23-4-40 L4799 Lysander 613 SQ cr in Chickerell village. (Shown as L2057 in some sources-not Lysander serial) 24-4-40 K6839 Hawker Hind 10BGS cr landing at Warmwell 26-4-40 K5382 Hawker Hind RAFC hit power lines and cr near Lytchett Matravers 27-4-40 K5425 Hawker Hind 10 BGS cr on take off 1 mile e of Warmwell 29-4-40 L3348 Henley 1 10 BGS cr Abbotsbury area 7-5-40 K3480 Fairey Seal 10BGS cr near Warmwell 13-6-40 P4297 Hampden 1 16 OTU cr Iwerne Minster - Pilot JES MacAllister killed 2-7-40 L6982 Defiant 1 CGS accident Warmwell airfield 4-7-40 2480/B3+DM He 111P III/KG54 s/d by 92 SQ and cr at Longmoor Farm, Gillingham,3 killed. 8-7-40 Spitfire 609Sq shot down,cr off Swanage. 9-7-40 R6637/PR-Q Spitfire 609Sq shot down by Lt Egon Mayer, I/JG 2, cr off Portland, 9-7-40 Ju.87 cr off Portland 11-7-40 3551/2N+EP Bf.110 III/ZG76 Forced landing at Povington Heath,Tyneham Pilot- ObLt Gerhard Kadow 11-7-40 -/2N+?P Bf110 III/ZG76 cr nr Portland Pilot OblLt Hans - Joachim Goring 11-7-40 L1069 Spitfire I 609SQ Shot down and cr off Portland 11-7-40 L1095 Spitfire I 609SQ Shot down and cr off Portland 11-7-40 N2485 Hurricane I 501SQ Shot down by bf109 of 111/JG27 and cr off Portland 12-7-40 P3084 Hurricane I 501Sq Shot down and cr off Portland. Pilot Officer D A Hewitt(Canadian killed) 13-7-40 P2950 Hurricane 238Sq Cr at Little Mayne Farm, West Knighton after combat with Do17, pilot(Flt Lt John Kennedy ) killed 15-7-40 L1086 Spitfire 609Sq Crash-landed at RAF Warmwell 18-7-40 Do.17 shot down,cr at Fleet. 18-7-40 R6636 Spitfire 609Sq Shot down by Ju 88 off Swanage, cr Studland beach,recovered and repaired. 20-7-40 P3766 Hurricane I 238Sq shot down and cr Lyme Bay 20-7-40 P3082 Hurricane I 501Sq shot down and cr Lyme Bay 20-7-40 K9880 Spitfire I 152Sq Shot down and cr off Swanage 21-7-40 780/5F+OM Do 17M 4(F)/14 s/d by 238 Sq and cr at Nutford Farm , 1 mile N of Blandford 25-7-40 /A5+EA Do.17M Stab/SFG 1 Shot down by 152 Sq Spitfires and cr near Weymouth.1 killed.2 POWs 25-7-40 K9901 Spitfire I 152Sq Shot down and cr off Portland 26-7-40 K9815 Spitfire 1 609Sq cr Piddlehinton afetr engine failure, destroyed by fire. 27-7-40 N3023 Spitfire I 609Sq Shot down and cr off Weymouth . P/O Buchanan killed. 8-8-40 K9894 Spitfire I 152Sq Shot down by Me109(II/JG53) and cr at Bestwall,nr Wareham. 8-8-40 L1082 Spitfire I 609Sq Forced landing at Christchurch. 8-8-40 R6811 Spitfire I 152Sq cr landed at Spyway Farm,Langton Matravers. (also given as "Marsh Farm,Bestwall") 10-8-40 Hurricane 145Sq Forced landing at Christchurch , damaged by Luftwaffe 11-8-40 ?/B3+DC Ju.88 KG54 shot down by 213Sq,cr at Blacknor Fort,Portland 11-8-40 L2057 Hurricane I 601SQ cr in sea off Portland 11-8-40 P2978 Hurricane cr in sea off Portland 11-8-40 P3222 Hurricane I 238Sq shot down by Bf.109,cr nr Weymouth,pilot killed. 11-8-40 P3585 Hurricane I 213SQ cr landed Lulworth Camp 11-8-40 P3598 Hurricane I 87Sq cr landed near Warmwell 11-8-40 P3783 Hurricane I 601Sq cr in sea off Portland 11-8-40 P3885 Hurricane I 601Sq cr in sea off Portland 11-8-40 R4092 Hurricane I 601Sq cr in sea off Portland 11-8-40 R4094 Hurricane I cr in sea off Dorset coast 11-8-40 R6614 Spitfire I 152Sq cr in sea off Dorset coast 11-8-40 P3789 Hurricane I 213Sq shot down and cr in sea off Portland. Pilot killed. 11-8-40 Bf.110 cr near Swanage 11-8-40 Bf.110 cr in sea near coast(where?) 11-8-40 N2650 Hurricane 1 3213Sq cr in Portland area - pilot R Wright killed. 12-8-40 ?/1G+AC He111H-3 II/KG27 s/d and cr at Sturminster Marshall 12-8-40 R6692 Spitfire 1 609Sq w/o after overstressed,Warmwell. 13-8-40 ?/L1+FZ Bf.110 LG1 cr Swalland Farm,Kimmeridge 13-8-40 P3177 Hurricane I 238Sq cr in sea off Portland- Pilot H Marsh missing. 13-8-40 P3348 Hurricane I 213SQ shot down and cr in sea nr Portland. Pilot missing. 13-8-40 Ju.87 shot down by 152SQ,cr nr Portesham 13-8-40 P3805 Hurricane I 238SQ crash landing 1 mile E of Burton Bradstock at Bredy Farm.Pilot OK 13-8-40 ?(Me.110 or Ju.87) shot down ,cr nr Grimstone Viaduct,Stratton 13-8-40 Bf.109 Shot down and cr in sea off Weymouth 13-8-40 10 Bf.109 5/JG53 Shot down by 609 Sq and cr Poole Harbour 13-8-40 Bf.109 Shot down and cr in sea off Dorset coast 13-8-40 ?9+?? Bf109-E1 5/JG53 s/d by 609Sq, cr in Weymouth Bay 14-8-40 Hurricane shot down by Do.17,cr in Christchurch Bay 14-8-40 P3310 Spitfire 1 151 Sq shot down,cr in sea off Christchurch 14-8-40 N3024/PR-H Spitfire 1 609Sq Shot down into sea off Bournemouth, 1730 hrs. 15-8-40 Hurricane 87Sq cr -landing at Symondsbury 15-8-40 Hurricane 87SQ cr at Abbotsbury Swannery,Pilot killed 15-8-40 Hurricane I 87 SQ cr in sea off Portland 15-8-40 P3215 Hurricane I 87SQ cr in sea off Portland 15-8-40 R6985 Spitfire I Shot down and cr in sea off Dorset coast 15-08-40 K9954 Spitfire 1 152Sq w/o after combat damage.Warmwell. 15-8-40 R6988 Spitfire I 234Sq cr at Walsford Rd Bournemouth.Pilot Killed 20-8-40 P2089 Hampden 1 61 Sq fcd ldg nr Lyme Regis 25-8-40 ?/3M+KH Bf.110 II/ZG2 cr Priory Farm, East Holme(shot down by 609 Sq) 25-8-40 ?/3M+KM Bf.110 II/ZG2 Shot down by 609Sq,cr at East Chaldon,2 killed 25-8-40 N2646 Hurricane I 213SQ cr landed at Burton Bradstock. a/c recovered . 25-8-40 N2766 Hurricane I 213Sq cr in sea off Portland 25-8-40 N3266 Spitfire I 602Sq Shot down and cr Dorchester 25-8-40 P3200 Hurricane I 213Sq cr in sea off Portland 25-8-40 R6810 Spitfire I cr in sea off Portland 25-8-40 R6994 Spitfire I Shot down and cr in sea off Dorset coast 25-8-40 V7250 Hurricane 87Sq Shot down,cr in flames New Barn, Bradford Peverell,pilot S Wakeling killed 25-8-40 V7226 Hurricane 1 213Sq cr Portland Area, Pilot J Phillippart killed 25-8-40 Hurricane 213SQ shot down by Bf.109s,cr in Lyme Bay, pilot missing 25-8-40 Hurricane 213SQ shot down by Bf.109s,cr in Lyme Bay, pilot missing 25-8-40 Bf.109 cr Chesil Beach,pilot drowned 25-8-40 Bf.110 shot down and cr Tatton House Chickerell 2 crew killed 25-8-40 Bf.109 JG53 shot down and cr Tatton House Chickerell 25-8-40 Bf.110C-4 1/ZG2 shot down by 609 Sq and cr Creech Barrow Hill,Church Knowle 25-8-40 P9381 Spitfire 1 602Sq cr Galton Heath after pilot baled out 27-8-40 R6831 Spitfire I 152Sq cr in sea off Portland 6-9-40 N3061 Spitfire I 234Sq Shot down and cr in Weymouth Bay 14-9-40 P6362 Magister 1 32MU Hit cliffs north side of Emmetts Hill, Worth Matravers. 17-09-40 P4830 Blenheim V SDF Christchurch Cr Longford Castle.Sgt T Budden killed 15-9-40 He.111 cr in sea off Portland 25-9-40 6305/G1+BH He 111P 1/KG55 Shot down and forced landing at Westfield Farm Studland.1210Hrs. Pilot was Fw Fritz Jürges. 5 crew 1 killed, 2 wounded. Exact crash site was at Grid Ref SZ025 817. The photos of the aircraft below were kindly provided by Alan Williams. Click on the thumbnail for large version.

25-9-40 2803/G1+LR He 111P 7/KG55 cr on "Chatsworth"Westminster Rd, Branksome Park.4 killed 26-9-40 K6882 Spitfire I 152Sq cr in sea off Swanage 27-9-40 3378/S9+DH Bf.110D-3 2Staffel-Epr/GR210 s/d and cr Busseys Stool Farm,Tarrant Gunville at 1200 hrs, Pilot- Hptm Martin Lutz.2 killed 27-9-40 4270/S9-DK(S9+DU?)Bf.110D-3 Epr/GR210 S/d and forced landing at The Beeches ,Preston Hill Iwerne minster Pilot Fw Friedrich Ebner 27-9-40 3888/S9-JH Bf.110D-3 s/d by 504 Sq and cr at Bradle Row,Kimmeridge.Pilot: Ltn Gerhard Schmidt + 1 killed. 27-9-40 2248/S9+GK Bf.110D-3 Epr/GR210 cr in sea off coast. Obltn Wilhelm Rössiger + 1 missing 27-9-40 3629/3U+IM Bf.110C-7 4/ZG26. s/d and cr at Salters Wood, Middle Bere Fm,Arne by 609 and 152 Sq Pilot: Obltn Arthur Niebuhr and one other killed 27-9-40 3290/3U-DS Bf.110C-4 III/ZG26 Forced landing after combat, 1 mile SW Kimmeridge. Pilot - Uffz Fritz Schupp 27-9-40 2168/3U+BD Bf.110C-4 III/ZG26 s/d and cr in sea off Dorset coast. 2 missing.A/c identity unconfirmed. 2 killed 27-9-40 3297/3U+FT Bf.110C-4 III/ZG26 Mid-air collision with X4107 Spitfire, cr at Bellamy's Farm Piddletrenthide. pilot Gefr Georg Jakstadt baled out and captured.The gunner, Gefr E Leidke was killed. 27-9-40 X4107 Spitfire I 609Sq mid-air with above,cr Chesilbourne, nr Piddlehinton,P/O Miller killed 30-9-40 ?/"BLACK-2" Bf.109 5S/JG2 Shot down,cr at Hundred Acres Field, Spriggs Farm,Sydling St Nicholas,Pilot killed. 30-9-40 0847 Bf 109 E4 2./JG2 cr ntr Dorchester after combat 30-9-40 L1702 Hurricane I 238Sq Mid-air collision with N2474(238 Sq Hurricane)Both a/c cr nr Shaftesbury-both pilots survived after bale-outs 30-9-40 Spitfire Forced landing Parley Common 30-9-40 L1764 Hurricane I cr landing on Chesil Beach,nr Abbotsbury 30-9-40 N2434 Hurricane I 56Sq cr Okeford Fitzpaine. 30-9-40 N2474 Hurricane I Mid-air collision with L1702(Spitfire) over Shaftesbury 30-9-40 P2866 Hurricane I 56Sq Cr landing Longcutts East,Winfrith,Newburgh. 30-9-40 P2987 Hurricane I 504Sq Forced landing fuel shortage nr Whitcombe Barn 30-9-40 P3088 Hurricane I 56Sq cr in sea off Portland 30-9-40 P3414 Hurricane I 504 Sq Shot down,cr in sea off Weymouth 30-9-40 P3655 Hurricane I 56Sq cr in sea off Portland 30-9-40 Hurricane 87Sq cr Oborne, Rd Sherborne 1-10-40 P3599 Hurricane I 238Sq Shot down,cr in Poole Harbour 7-10-40 ?/3U+BT Bf.110 9S/KG26 Flew into Hyde Hill,s of Stoborough.2 killed 7-10-40 ?/3U+JP Bf.110 6S/ZG26 cr Brickhills Field , nr Kingston Russell House,2 killed 7-10-40 ?/3U+JT Bf.110 9S/KG26 Shot down,cr landing Corfe Castle,1 killed 7-10-40 ?/9K+5N Ju.88 5S/KG51 s/d,cr Tappers Hill,nr Sydling St.Nicholas 7-10-40 N3039 Spitfire I 152 Sq cr and burned Shatcombe Farm,Wynford Eagle, pilot died later of burns 7-10-40 N3231 Spitfire I 609Sq Shot down and cr Child Okeford 7-10-40 N3238 Spitfire I 609Sq cr Watercombe Farm (near Warmwell).Pilot killed 7-10-40 V6777 Hurricane I 238Sq s/d,cr at Great Hill,nr Winterborne Houghton 7-10-40 X4472 Spitfire I 609Sq Forced Landing at Vale Farm,Sutton Waldren 7-10-40 Bf.110 ZG26 shot down by 609Sq and cr Owermoigne 7-10-40 Bf.110 ZG26 shot down by 609Sq,cr in sea 1 mile of Arish Mell Gap,Lulworth 7-10-40 Hurricane 56Sq Cr Austral Farm,Alton Pancras 10-10-40 P3421 Hurricane I 56Sq s/d,cr Manor Farm,Wogret,Wareham.Pilot killed 10-10-40 P3984 Hurricane I 238Sq s/d and cr n of Castle Hill,Corfe Castle 11-10-40 P9301 Spitfire 1 152Sq cr 2m E of Dorchester 15-10-40 1588 Bf.109 E-4 I/JG2 listed by Luftwaffe as missing over Christchurch Bay see Below 15-10-40 3279 Bf.109 E-1 II/JG2 listed by Luftwaffe as missing over Christchurch Bay see Below 15-10-40 Bf.110 shot down by 609Sq,cr Bournemouth, possibly one of the two above 18-10-40 R6607 Spitfire I 152Sq cr Tadnoll Mill,Chaldon Herring,pilot killed 29-10-40 3657 Bf.109E-4 III/JG2 Listed-missing over Christchurch Bay-Luftwaffe 6-11-40 ?/6N+AH He.111 KG100 forced landing West Bay,Bridport, pilot thought he was over France. 5-11-40 Hurricane 238Sq s/d by JG2 a/c &cr Tarrant Hinton 5-11-40 Hurricane 238Sq s/d by JG2 a/c &cr Tarrant Monckton 5-11-40 V7535 Hurricane 238Sq s/d by JG2 a/c &cr Manor Farm Sturminster Newton Wreck excavated 2006 11-11-40 X4450 Spitfire 1 152Sq forced landing in heavy rain,Whitcombe,Engine failure. 14-11-40 Ju.88 Shot down and cr Ringwood Rd.Poole 23-11-40 X4025 Spitfire 1 Overshot,overturned at Warmwell. 28-11-40 P9427 Spitfire I cr in Poole Bay 28-11-40 R6597 Spitfire I 152Sq Shot down,cr Arne nr Wareham.Pilot killed 29-11-40 R6907 Spitfire I 152Sq cr Field Grove,Durweston, pilot suffered anoxia -killed. 30-11-40 Bf.109 LG2 cr landing Woodyhyde Farm,Worth Matravers It was feared that the pilot would shoot his way out and escape capture, Arthur Prior who lived up the hill at Afflington Barn farm, was in the Coastguard and also the Home-guard, it was assumed that he'd have a rifle and could assist with the arrest of the pilot, but the Home-guard hadn't been issued with firearms at that time, so he went to the barn and grabbed a pitchfork, he ran down the hill to Woodyhyde, just as Arthur arrived at the scene, the pilot climbed out of the cockpit with his hands up and surrendered without any fuss whatsoever. 16-11-40 R9015 Lysander III 16Sq cr Broadwindsor. 4-1-41 Do.17 cr in sea of Portland 4-1-41 V6758 Hurricane I 238Sq Forced landing Warmwell Airfield. 21-2-41 Hurricane 32Sq cr St Clements Rd Bournemouth after Victory roll 26-3-41 V6-65 Blenheim IV 59SQ cr Winterbourne Abbas 1-4-41 P8011 Spitfire 1 234Sq Destroyed in air raid at Warmwell. 3-4-41 T4299 Whitley V 51Sq shot down(friendly fire - by 87 Sq Hurricane!), crCoonegar Farm,Manston,1 killed. 3-4-41 T2439 Blenheim IV 101SQ cr Frampton 5-4-41 He.111 cr Dorset Ridgeway. 12-4-41 2002/1G+HT He111P-2 9/KG27 s/d and cr Prowers Farm Lydlinch,3 killed 27-4-41 AH807 Tomahawk 1 26SQ cr on T/O Warmwell after hitting tree. 28-4-41 K9230 Battle I cr in sea off Hengistbury Head,pilot drowned 4-5-41 Ju.88 cr on Winfrith Heath Decoy Airfield 4-5-41 6142/B3+AP Ju88 s/d by Beaufighter of 604SQ(Hawke & Jackson) and cr East Burton .No Cas. 7-5-41 2513/1G+BR He111-H5 7/KG27 s/d by Beaufighter( 600SQ), B/u in air and cr at Foxwell Farm,Oborne 3 crew killed - one survivor. 12-5-41 G-ADHK Short C Class BOAC "Maia",destroyed Poole Harbour by He.111 12-5-41 ?/G1+ES He.111 8S/3/KG55 Shot down cr atPatchin's Pt, Arne,a/c involved in G-ADHK incident 19-5-41 3814 Bf.109E-7 I/JG2 cr in Channel off Portland(Luftwaffe records) 19-5-41 6439 Bf.109E-7 I/JG2 cr 5 km S of Portland(Luftwaffe records) 22-5-41 3974/1G+ZM He-111H-8 4/KG27 hit hill nr Lulworth, cr Chideock Farm, Chaldon Herring 2 killed ,3 survivors 29-05-41 Beaufighter 604Sq Flew into gnd possibly nr Chesil, 3 killed 6-6-41 Bf.109e 7G/J2 cr at Worth Matravers 9-6-41 5983/White15 Bf.109E7Z 3/JG2 listed by Luftwaffe as missing in Swanage area 15-6-41 3248/6N+DK He.111H 2/K Gr100 s/d by 604 Sq,cr at Plumber, nr Sturminster Newton,5 killed. 14-7-41 P8656 Spitfire I 56Sq cr,forced landing Longcutts East,East Knighton 17-7-41 P4832 Blenheim IV cr in sea off Purbecks 3-8-41 V6384 Blenheim IV 21 Sq fcd Ldg 1m N of Portisham 4-8-41 P8516 Spitfire I 118Sq cr into hill S of Owermoigne at Holworth Farm 6-8-41 P6983 Whirlwind I 263Sq forced landing Hurn 10-9-41 R6639 Spitfire I 53OTU cr West Lulworth during forced landing 28-9-41 Z3674 Hurricane 1B 302SQ abandoned 4m ENE Dorchester 7-10-41 L6860 Lysander II 41OTU cr at Stalbridge 11-10-41 X9677 Wellington IC 218 Sq cr in sea off St Albans Head,3 drowned 21-10-41 FW.190 flew into Bindon Hill,Lulworth,1 killed 25-10-41 Z4993 Hurricane IIB A&AEE flew into Ridgeway Hill,Upwey 1-11-41 Heinkel 111 shot down by Beaufighter, cr in the vicinity of St Albans Head.No further details known. 8-11-41 AH845 Tomahawk 400Sq Ditched of Chesil beach. Remains are on show Weymouth Museum 11-11-41 ?/GZ 32Sq cr onto ammo dump Warmwell. Pilot + 2 on ground killed 21-11-41 AH902 Tomahawk 414SQ Spun in at Charlton Marshall 29-11-41 L9405 Blenheim IV SD Flight,cr in sea off Chesil Beach Flt Lt A.M. Dunlop,killed 16-12-41 R7142 Spitfire I 140Sq Dived into ground near Rempstone 16-12-41 X9785 Wellington IC 217Sq Cr ldg Holm Farm,West Milton- engine failure
Pictured above is a swastika cut from a tailfin - believed from a Ju88 bomber shot down over Portland
on March 23rd 1942 . The text in the centre says"Shot down over Portland, March 23, 1942,
8PM by the 290th Battery, Troop A of the LAARA".This is on display at the Bong Heritage Center in Superior, Wisconsin USA .
Four german aircrew killed on that date and buried in Portland Naval Cemetery are believed to be
the crew of this aircraft.
Their names were - Horst Becker ,Richard Gurklies,Helmut Kording and Josef Rother.Of these,
3 died in the crash, the 4th member was found next morning close by.
Any further information would be very welcome.
The picture was sent in by Al Grady of the Bong Heritage Center .
25-01-42        AA813           Spitfire                1PRU    Cr Chesil Beach 
12-2-42         AD472           Spitfire                350Sq   w/o in collision at Warmwell airfield.
16-2-42		R9306		Stirling II		90Sq	cr near Blandford
25-2-42         R7148           Spitfire 1              52OTU   forced landing nr Shaftsbury,engine failure.
26-2-42         P1365           Albemarle                A&AEE   FLEFnr Bridport
15-3-42         BL463           Spitfire                        crLewesdon Hill Nr Bridport.Eng failure.
                                                                PO J Decloedt  killed.      
23-3-42                         Ju88                            Shot down by AA while attacking Portland  
                                cr at Davis's Timber Yard, Chesilton, Portland.
                                 --see picture above.
23-3-42                         Hurricane                crash landed in the garden of "Middle Farm" Thornford,
                                Pilot Sub.Lt McCoy(?) RNAS   survived.
                                Can anyone confirm details of this accident?
24-03-42        AL546           Liberator II ,A&AEE,    CR Race Farm,Lytchett Minster,Fire. 4 Crew baled out OK- 
                                pilot Wng Cdr J.W. McGuire, AFC stayed with the plane and  died in crash.
29-3-42		Z3349		Hurricane II		245Sq	forced landing Furzey Island in Poole Harbour
15-4-42         AD297           Spitfire                302Sq   w/o in collision Warmwell.
21-4-42         13005/blue12    Bf109 F-4/B             10(J)/JG2 c/r in sea nr Portland
25-4-42         AB179           Spitfire                501Sq   forced landing at Afflington Barn Cottage,Worth Matravers.S/Ldr Ian Blair.OK.
26-4-42		1120/F8+EM	Do217E-4		4/KG40	cr at Bottlebush Down ,Handley Cross.4 killed
4-5-42          W3306           Spitfire                302Sq   Landing accident Warmwell.
4-5-42          BL548           Spitfire                124Sq   cr at Worth Matravers.
6-5-42		N3980		Magister		302Sq	cr near Wareham	
11-5-42         G-ADHK          Short S21 Maia          Destroyed by enemy attack Poole.
23-5-42		4627/6N+FR	He111H-6		LK17	cr at Elcombe Farm,Alvediston,5 killed.
27-8-42         EN958           Spitfire Vb             501Sq   cr on t/o Norton Farm,Maiden Newton 
27-8-42         EN956           Spitfire Vb             501SQ   cr in Dorchester are after lightning strike
30-8-42         T6568           DH82A                           Crashed in forced landing Kingston nr Hazlebury 
15-9-42         AM466           Spitfire                66Sq    forced landing 2m SE Warmwell
16-9-42         EP118           Spitfire                501Sq   Collided with Typhoon on t/off at Warmwell
17-9-42         AB491           Spitfire                501Sq   cr Lyme Bay,pilot killed.
21-09-42          P7003/HE-C Westland Whirlwind 1,263SQ Sector patrol mid-pm,
lost visual contact with leader in avoiding heavy rain shower, seen by Army driver
to dive out of cloud and crash at East Stoke, between Wareham and Wool, Dorset.
F/Sgt Peter Alistair JARDINE 711019 (20) killed, b Holy Trinity church, Warmwell 26/9/42. 8-10-42 P7014 Whirlwind I 263Sq cr on take off Warmwell 21-10-42 5331 FW190A-3 5/Jg2 s/d & cr Bindon Hill Lulworth Cove at 2110hrs Pilot Brychy killed 23-10-42 Z4993 Hurricane 1 A& AEE hit Ridgeway Hill,Upwey(in mist).Pilot Wg Cdr H.R. Allen,killed 24-10-42 R7695 Typhoon IA 266Sq Broke up and cr at Glanvilles Wooton 27-10-42 R8823 Typhoon IB 266Sq overshot landing and cr Warmwell 15-12-42 R8663 Typhoon IB 257Sq cr following forced landing at Chilfrome 24-1-43 DT684/BY Halifax II 58Sq cr Kingston Lacy Park Pamphill. 8 crew killed,including pilot John Andrews from Ringwood,Hants Memorial erected 24-1-2000 9-2-43 P6991 Whirlwind I 263Sq cr on take off Warmwel 16-2-43 R9306 Stirling 1 90 Sq cr BulBarrow Hill,west of Blandford.4 killed 16-2-43 /U5+FN Do.217E-4 cr near Beaminster.SD by V8451 Beaufighter.4K 8-3-43 EJ916 Typhoon 1b 257Sq Cr T/o Warmwell 7-5-43 P7057 Whirlwind I 263Sq cr landing Warmwell 15-3-43 EP715 Spitfire 19Sq cr 3m S Sherborne- engine failure. 21-03-43 T9111 Sunderland II 461Sq cr on T/o Hamworthy 23-3-43 G-AGDA PBY Catalina BOAC cr Poole Harbour while doing circuits. At least one casualty and one rescued. 24-3-43 BS448 Spitfire 616Sq collided with BR302 and cr at Higher Waterston,Piddletrenthide 27-3-43 DN602 Typhoon IB 182 Sq cr forced landing Blandford Camp. 7-4-43 42-29651 B-17F USAAF Forced landing Charity Farm, Lychett Minster,later flown out. 18-4-43 BR590 Spitfire 616Sq Ditched Swanage due engine failure. 7-5-43 3E+KL Ju88A-14 3/KG6 cr Rectory Farm Winfrith. 7-5-43 P7057 Whirlwind I 263Sq cr Warmwell 22-5-43 P7059 Whirlwind I 263Sq landed Warmwell with engine fire 23-5-43 FW-190d s/d,cr at St Ives Hotel Grove Rd Bournemouth 29-5-43 DE355 DH82A Spun into ground Warmwell 26-05-43 AG623 Mustang 1, 2 Sq flew into hill at Kimmeridge 26-05-43 AG550 Mustang 1, 2 Sq flew into hill at Kimmeridge 26-05-43 AP210 Mustang 1, 2 Sq flew into hill at Kimmeridge 30-05-43 FP264 Catalina 1B 210SQ Collision at Hamworthy 25-6-43 MB315 Seafire IIC Overshot landing Christchurch, cr on house in Caroline Av 28-6-43 41-6573 P-47C 4FG Accident at Warmwell 28-6-43 41-6539 P-47C 4FG Accident at Warmwell 10-7-43 EB687 Spitfire VC w/o in ground collision at Hurn 13-7-43 P7110 Whirlwind I 263Sq cr nr Warmwell during forced landing ?-7-43 Whitley cr on take off at Hurn 1-8-43 P6981 Whirlwind I 263Sq cr landing at Warmwell 3-8-43 PA106 Spitfire 761Sq cr 4m NE Beaminster after collision with NX949. 24-8-43 FP287 Catalina 210Sq cr at Round Island on approach to Poole 8 crew killed. 7-9-43 LN379 Wellington X, 3OADU,cr fcd ldg nr Chardstock. 8-9-43 BV300 Warwick 1 283Sq,Cr Trickett's Cross on T/o Hurn 9-9-43 BL920 Spitfire 67Sq cr 1m E Bishops Caundle.Op by USAAF 10-9-43 P7096 Whirlwind I 263Sq cr landing at Warmwell 16-09-43 AE967 Sea Hurricane 1 759SQ,dived into gnd 6m s of Shaftesbury 22-9-43 42-7919 P-47D. 4FG. Accident at Warmwell 8-11-43 NX913 Spitfire 761Sq cr on apptroach Henstridge. 11-11-43 AL762 Boston III Belly landing Dorschester 15-11-43 FR174 Mitchell III cr landing Tarrant Rushton with battle damage 28-11-43 Spitfire 761Sq Cr Water Lane ,Cranbourne 1-12-43 MA799 Spitfire 131Sq cr Everley Farm Blandford. 5-12-43 42-3297 B-17 571BS ditched nr Abbotsbury CG stn,- 1 killed. 11-12-43 43-12196 P-51B. 354FG, cr 1 mile offshore S of Portland Bill/Southwell, explosion in flight 17-12-43 Horsa over ran landing Tarrant rushton and crashed. 5-1-44 21132/G B-17 USAAF Forced landing Tarrant Rushton due combat damage. 20-1-44 HH961 Hamilcar 38Grp Overshot and hit Nissen hut Tarrant Rushton. no casualties.. The seven photos below show the aftermath of the crash of HH961.
(Photos from the Laurence Wright Collection at the Army Museum of Flying....via Alastair Mellor)
               More photos of the  crash aftermath  below  . Click on the thumbnail for large version.

21-01-44 DR858 Hamilcar DBR by tank leaving glider Tarrant Rushton 26-1-44 Halifax ODU cr in sea off Bournemouth Pier 20-2-44 EF468 Stirling III 196Sq Cr on approach Tarrant Rushton .A/c came down Bussy Stool Farm,Tarrant Gunville. 6 killed 01-03-44 LA647 Hamilcar 1HGSU tug lost power - cut loose & fell into sunken lane nr Blandford 8-3-44 42-67945 P-38J 370FG Accident at Zeals 12-3-44 MN129 Typhoon IB 263 Sq cr just west of Warmwell during aerobatics, pilot killed 13-03-44 EF263/J Stirling III 75Sq cr Castle Combe after mines exploded in flight ..crew OK. 15-3-44 Horsa cr into Nissen Hut landing Tarrant Rushton 16-3-44 Horsa forced landing nr Westbury. 16-3-44 Halifax Belly landing Tarrant Rushton. 21-3-44 LD972 Hurricane IV 439Sq cr 2 miles east of Hurn after mid-air with P-47D from Christchurch.pilot killed 22-3-44 JP137 Halifax II 1865CU cr Moordown,Bournemouth,2 on gnd+ 7 crew killed 26-3-44 JR307 Typhoon 1B A&AEE disintegrated whilst recovering from a dive
cr Crichel Down ..pilot S/L HN Fowler killed. 4-4-44 42-67674 P-38J 326FRS/31ATG Accident at Warmwell 11-4-44 LJ822 Stirling IX 190Sq Cr Knighton Farm,Hampreston 6 mins after t/o from Tarrant Rushton 6 killed. 17-04-45 NX874 Hamilcar 1HGSU Tug burst tyre on T/o - cut loose & hit Halifax NA115 at Tarrant Rushton 19-04-44 DR859 Hamilcar u/shot & hit pwr cables Tarrant Rushton 20-4-44 42-67662 P-38J 430FS/474FG Accident(LAC) at Warmwell 22-4-44 42-67509 P-38J 428FS/474FG. Accident(LAC) at Warmwell 23-04-44 LA648 O/Shot & hit tree Tarrant Rushton 25-04-44 LA649 Hamilcar 1HGSU u/shot hit tree Tarrant Rushton 26-04-44 LA643 Hamilcar 1HGSU Flaps jammed, dbrin heavy landing Tarrant Rushton 27-4-44 42-67506 P-38J. 429FS/474FG. Accident(LAC)at Warmwell 24-4-44 180414/U5+GH Ju188E-2 1/KG2 s/d by AA fire cr Salterns Wood,Arne.5 killed 25-4-44 MK212 Spitfire 443Sq Forced landing 6m SW Spettisbury - OG 25-4-44 MK321 Spitfire 443Sq forced landing Puddletown -ran out of fuel. 30-4-44 P-47D 405FG cr at Highcliffe School 2-5-44 42-67676 P-38J 474FG Taxying accident at Warmwell 13-5-44 LH520 Horsa Overshot landing Tarrant Rushton and hit a Halifax("QQ"). 1 killed 13-5-44 LH339 Horsa Overshot landing Tarrant Rushton and hit a Halifax . no casualties 15-05-44 160069/3E+ML Ju188A-2 1/KG6 s/d by Mosquito of 488SQ, cr Inwood House Temple Coombe. 21-5-44 42-67645(unconfirmed)P-38 474FG cr at Cheselbourne.Pilot killed 22-5-44 /H Halifax 644Sq cr landing Tarrant casualties 22-5-44 Hamilcar over ran landing Tarrant Rushton, u/c collapsed. 23-5-44 42-67487 P-38J. 474FG Accident at Warmwell 24-5-44 HH972 Hamilcar U/shot and fit obstruction at Tarrant Rushton. 27-5-44 LL346 /E Halifax V 644Sq Took off from Tarrant Rushton towing Hamilcar glider, failed to gain height, abandoned glider and crashed in Ashley Wood, Tarrant Keyneston. 25-5-44 Wellington cr nr Christchurch 27-5-44 42-67678 P-38J 474FG Overshot landing Warmwell 27-05-44 LA634 Hamilcar 1HGSU Fcd ldg 1 M W of Tarrant Rushton after tug cast off 28-5-44 42-67654 P-38J 474FG Take off accident at Warmwell 29-05-44 LN443 Wellington 82OTU s/d in error by friendly a/c. cr 4m SW Sturminster Newton 30-5-44 Horsa cr at Moor Critchell -on training flight from Tarrant Rushton 30-5-44 Horsa cr at Shapwick -on training flight from Tarrant Rushton 30-5-44 Horsa cr at Spettisbury -on training flight from Tarrant Rushton 1-6-44 NS980 Mosquito FBVI 418SQ Engine detached and wing fell off crashed at Throop Dorset 4-6-44 42-68703 C-53D 315FRS/31ATG cr 8 miles N Warmwell - loss of control 6-6-44 42-67672 P-38J 430FS/474FG accident(LAC) at Warmwell 6-6-44 43-104408 P-38J 430FS/474FG accident(LAC) at Warmwell 6-6-44 42-67189 P-38J 430FS/474FG accident(LAC) at Warmwell 6-6-44 41-28838 B-24H "Misery Agent" 34BG,Mission number 10 Took off at 0234 hours-June 6, 1944
and flew position 1-3 in 2nd Squadron carrying twelve 500 lb bombs but these were not dropped.
It ran out of fuel and crashed and burned with wheels up in the Olde Woode at Corfe Castlekilling all 9 on board.
6/7-6-44 LW377/OW-G Halifax III 426SQ RCAF. Crew bailed out over Slapton Sands Aircraft cr (where?) 12-6-44 Lancaster 635Sq w'u landing nr Moreton Station ,on app Warmwell. Flak damage. 12-6-44 42-67652 P-38J 474FG accident at Warmwell 14-6-44 43-28711 P-38J 474FG accident at Warmwell 18-6-44 Horsa cr at end of RW01 Tarrant Rushton. 18-06-44 HG849 Horsa 1 hit by LH549 while parked at Tarrant Rushton 18-06-44 42-99100 L-5 153LS/ Warminster(KCR) 23-6-44 43-28530 P-38J 474FG accident at Warmwell 23-6-44 43-28538 P-38J 474FG accident at Warmwell 23-6-44 42-67265 P-38J 474FG accident at Warmwell 25-6-44 AB975 Spitfire 277Sq cr Sherbourne. 25-6-44 NF511 Seafire 886Sq forced landing Godlingstone Heath,Swanage. The pilot, Sub Lieutenant Alan Horstead RNVR died later from his injuries. 25-6-44 42-104424 P-38J 474FG Landing Accident at Warmwell 26-6-44 42-100888 C-47A 437TCG Flew into Godlingstone Hill.Swanage 29-6-44 42-76245 P-47D 509FS405FG cr on take off Christchurch , hit house in Foxwood Av 29-6-44 42-76476 P-47D 509FS405FG cr on take off Christchurch , hit bungalow in Foxwood Av 29-6-44 42-26338 P-47D 509FS405FG hit by explosion of above aircraft. total of 16 killed 29-6-44 P-47D 405FG landed short at Christchurch and overturned in Lymington Rd Highcliffe 7-7-44 42-104322 P-38J. 474FG Accident at Warmwell 11-7-44 43-28728 P-38J. 474FG Caught fire on take off Warmwell 12-7-44 DK943 Mile Master II 759SQ. Yeovilton, air combat exercise, collided with AZ559, Sherborne, Lt B Ritchie & Mid PJ Dewing both killed. 12-7-44 AZ559 Mile Master II 759 Sqn Yeovilton. collided with DK943 on air combat exercise, crashed Sherborne, Lt P Constable & S/L TM Smart both killed 14-07-44 FZ103 Mustang 3 AAEE Broke up during dive tests Poole Bay 21-7-44 HX913 Mosquito FBVI 464SQ/2GSU Flew into Portland Bill at night on navex 23-7-44 Mosquito 418Sq cr Upper Parkstone,nr Alder Rd Drill Hall,2K 26-7-44 RJ262 Horsa Overshot landing Tarrant Rushton and hit Halifax"AG" 298SQ. ?-7-44 Liberator cr on Furzey Island,Corfe Castle 9-8-44 42-96244 B26F 497BS/344BG Take off accident at Zeals 9-8-44 KB209 Mosquito B20 A&AEE HAF.Dived into gnd 3m W of Blandford .Flt Lt H.J. Camps,Flt Lt T.G. Thomas, killed 25-8-44 /P-O Halifax 644Sq U/c collapsed landing Tarrant Rushton. 27-8-44 /U Halifax 644Sq left RW landing Tarrant Rushton and ended up nr Preston Farm. w/o. 11-9-44 K9969 Spitfire 761Sq Ground collision with Master W9026 Henstridge. 20-9-44 LL256/T-S Halifax V 298SQ Ran out of fuel- belly landing nr Middle Wallop after diverting to Harwell due weather at Tarrant Rushton.1 killed. 3-10-44 Barracuda cr Portland harbour 14-10-44 LL310 Halifax V 644Sq crash landed 2 miles west of Tarrant Rushton after engine failure. 28-10-44 LJ586/GP-X Stirling cr Iwerne Bottom due icing ...4 killed after baleout.3 survivors 13-11-44 HH966 Hamilcar 1HGMU tow broke- crashlanded nr Spettisbury 25-11-44 LR384 Mosquito FBVI 60 OTU Control lost in cloud on night navex dived into sea off Bridport Dorset 2-12-44 ML250 Spitfire 416Sq forced landing Morden,engine failure. 7-1-45 MB152 Spitfire 761Sq collided with MB306,cr 1m S Henstridge airfield 7-1-45 MB306 Spitfire 761Sq see above 16-1-45 43-7173 P-51B 355 ran out of fuel cr Moreton, Warmwell 18-01-45 LA683 Hamilcar 1HGSU DBR in gale Tarrant Rushton 18-01-45 LA727 Hamilcar 1HGSU DBR in gale Tarrant Rushton 18-01-45 LA684 Hamilcar 1HGSU DBR in gale Tarrant Rushton 18-01-45 LA713 Hamilcar 1HGSU DBR in gale Tarrant Rushton 18-01-45 HH968 Hamilcar 1HGSU DBR in gale Tarrant Rushton 25-1-45 AB828 Spitfire 277Sq forced landing Cheselbourne 11-02-45 LA737 Hamilcar Tow broke-hit trees in fcd ldg 2m W of Tarrant Rushton 17-2-45 NH276 Spitfire 12FU Flew into cliffs at Kimmeridge in poor vis. 17-2-45 PT360 Spitfire 12FU As above 22-2-45 NX882 Spitfire 761Sq Stalled on app at Henstridge. 12-3-45 EM625 Martinet 17 landed at Burton Mere due engine failure 23-3-45 Beaufighter Cr Chesil ranges 27-3-45 NA664 Halifax IVb 298Sq Cr and burned at South Farm ,Spettisbury while on approach to Tarrant Rushton , 6 killed 04-03-45 LA635 Hamilcar 1HGSU u/shot at Tarrant Rushton - hit LA708 & LA736 09-03-45 LA646 Hamilcar under shot landing Tarrant Rushton 27-03-45 NA664 Halifax IVB 298Sq, cr and burned South Farm, Spetisbury 6 crew killed. 29-3-45 PR150 Spitfire 761Sq Flew into high ground West Lulworth 05-04-45 LA742 Hamilcar 1HGSU u/shot & cr in wood Tarrant Rushton 10-04-45 NX824 Hamilcar 1HGSU U/shot & cr at Tarrant Rushton 11-04-45 RR924 Hamilcar 1HGSU stalled on approach to Tarrant Rushton 12-04-45 NX838 Hamilcar 1HGSU Tyre burst on T/O - cast off and overturned 1M W Tarrant Rushton 28-4-45 NN462 Spitfire 761Sq Pilot baled out after collision withn NN254, cr at Marnhull 3-5-45 RX219 Spitfire 718Sq cr 3m N of Henstridge after collision with NN646. 17-5-45 T6869 DH82A Undercarriage collapsed on landing Tarrant Rushton 22-5-45 PR117 Spitfire 761Sq cr 3m W of Henstridge. 23-5-45 NF646 Spitfire 718Sq cr 3m NE Henstridge after collision with Seafire RX219. 30-5-45 T6800 Dh82A Hit ridge low flying Norden Farm Dorset 9-6-45 SM414 Spitfire 412Sq forced landing nr Warmwell 15-6-45 JT985(ex Bu 90033) Liberator IX 232Sq Hit hill nr Kingston, Purbecks, in bad weather, 5 crew and 22 pax killed.On 25 Oct 2007 a memorial seat was dedicated to these and the 3 casualties from Swordfish K5985 which crashed 18-03-38 killing 3 on board. 18-6-45 KH694 Mustang Wing fell off,cr Portland Bay 23-6-45 NN411 Spitfire 761Sq Spun in at Margaret Marsh.Pilot killed. 27-6-45 NH812 Spitfire 414Sq overshot and overturned landing at Warmwell. 15-7-45 866 B-17 306BG Overran landing at Christchurch,damaged 15-7-45 NL976 DH82A Dbr in gale Warmwell 6-8-45 unidentified a/c cr nr Chesil Bank- pilot killed 28-8-45 NN462 Seafire III 761 Sqd Collision over Marnhull 14-10-45 Halifax 644Sq Belly landing at Tarrant Rushton , no casualties. 9-11-45 N6658 Tiger Moth 2EFTS forced landing at Thornford 9-11-45 PP997 Spitfire 761Sq spun in at West Orchard ,pilot killed. 2-1-46 EE335 Gloster Meteor F3 74Sqdn crashed approx 2 miles East of Warmwell airfield close to Moreton Crossroads after making a low run over the airfield. 30-1-46 NN498 Spitfire 759Sq cr 2m W of Henstridge. 22-7-46 NN349 Seafire III cr Lulworth Cove , engine failure,pilot killed 4-3-46 G-AGEV Hythe BOAC damaged landing Poole Harbour, w/u and scrapped."Hailsham" 8-7-46 NA461 Halifax 297Sq cr on take off Tarrant Rushton 6 killed. 9-7-46 SX244 Seafire F17.807Sq, This a/c collided with SX179 and crashed at Studland Bay 9/7/46.Freighter 'Energie' picked up the body of FK Barlow a few days later.Parts of a wing were washed up 25/12/92. SX179 made it back to base 22-07-46 NN349 Seafire F.III Yeovilton storage RN,off Lulworth Cove, Dorset, Went into sea on test flight 14-8-46 G-AGUC Dove 1 (2nd Prototype) written off at West Howe after t/o Hurn 19-08-46 RR959 Ham 1HGSU stalled landing off Tarrant Rushton, U/c collapsd 19-7-47 RH752 Brigand I ,A& AEE cr ne Chesil Bank.Pilot killed 15-10-47 TS371 Wyvern prototype Westlands Engine failed,cr Cattistock,pilot killed 19-11-47 G-AGEV Sunderland 3 BOAC Accident when landing Poole Grounded on Brownsea Is.Immersed by tide 4 times Taken to Hythe and scrapped 6-5-49 G-AIFF Bristol in sea 16M S of Portland while on s/e test.7 killed 17-7-49 G-AHUH Taylorcraft Plus D Crashed onto Ballard Down,nr Swanage 23-7-49 EK747 Firebrand TF.5 813 Sq Engine failed, force landing in Poole Harbour 30-11-49 SR600 Seafire F15 767Sq over the side HMS Illustrious off Portland ?-1-50 G-AKRD Ambassador belly landing Hurn 23-04-50 EK797 Firebrand TF5 813 Sq RN.Off Portland, Ditched after throttle linkage parted; pilot picked up by HMS Headingham Castle 16-04-50 VV565 Vampire, 247Sq ,cr in sea 12m S of Swanage after midair with Lincoln RF404 25-04-50 EK797 FireBrand 1RDU Ditched off Portland 30-04-50 VV467 Vampire .210AFS .cr forced landing 3 m S of Bere Regis 13-11-50 G-ALFR Ambassador Very hard landing at Christchurch, substantially damaged,repaired. 4/5-6-51 EJ153 Sunderland GR Mk V 235 OCU Hit high ground near Abbotsbury whilst positioning for a night practice bombing attack on Lyme Bay target. Major damage to hull. Returned to RAF Calshot and run straight up on the beach to avoid sinking 8-6-51 VZ330 Vampire FB5 229 OCU Dived into gnd at Marston Magna Rd Sherborne 29-08-51 TF918 Sea Fury F10 767 Sq RN .Folke,5m S of Sherborne, Dorset, Crashed near farmhouse attempting forced landing after engine failure 5-4-52 G-AGXF Autocrat Crashed at Litton Cheney NW of Abbotsbury. 25-4-52 TG375 Vampire F1 208AFS Crashed in forced landing 2m W of Chideock (Eng failure) 20-6-52 RJ762 Barracuda 750Sq cr in sea off Highcliffe, parts recoved by MEXE,Christchurch 4-6-68 31-8-52 G-AJEN Autocrat Crashed at Puncknowle north west of Abbotsbury 31-10-52 VX297 200/CW Sea Fury T20 738 Sq Ditched off Lyme Regis after engine failure. 26-3-53 VV467 Vampire FB.5 210 AFS Engine failed, force landing S of Bere Regis ?-6-53 Vampire AFS abandoned take off and cr at Tarrant Rushton 6-6-53 G-AKZZ Tiger Moth Christchurch Aero Club cr in sea Bournemouth Pier 09-06-53 WA455 Vampire FB5 210AFS stalled on T/o Tarrant Rushton 02-04-54 SP351 Seafire F17 764 Sq RN.Sm SW of Warminster, Crashed low level exercise 11-5-54 Sea Venom cr on take off Hurn killing motorcyclist on road past airfield 23-2-56 WP193 Hunter F.5 34 Sqd Engine failed, crash 4m west of Blandford 29-10-56 XG636 Sea Venom FAW21 891Sq ditched in Portland Harbour 25-6-57 WE597 Auster T.7 LAS Hit power lines 1.5m wnw of Blandford- cr. 15-7-57 WV221/U Whirlwind HAS22 845SQditched 6 miles off Portland Lighthouse 26-7-57 TW739/057 Firefly TT4 FRU cr landing Hurn 9-8-57 WF176/034 Seahawk FB3 FRU cr landing Hurn 21-11-57 WF220 Seahawk FB3 FRU cr landing Hurn 20-4-58 G-AIZA Proctor cr short of runway at Hurn 01-05-58 XG609 Sea Venom FAW21 766SQ cr in sea off Lulworth 27-9-58 XL848 Whirlwind HAS.7 848 Sq Ditched into Portland Harbour 21-4-59 XG579/304 Whirlwind HAR3 815 SQ ditched of Portland 29-4-59 XJ397/309 Whirlwind HAR3 815Sq cr in sea off Portland 20-07-59 XG584 Whirlwind HAR3 815Sq Ditched Portland Harbour- engine failure. 28-09-59 XG575 Whirlwind HAR3 737SQ ditched Nr Portland 22-11-59 G-AJEP Autocrat Swung landing at Christchurch, hit pile of logs and w/.o 20-1-60 XM664/776PO Whirlwind HAS7 737SQ Ditched off Portland 4-2-60 XM661/774PO Whirlwind HAS7 737SQ Ditched off Portland.Engine failed. 17-5-60 XK993/770PO Whirlwind HAS7 737SQ Ditched off Portland. salvaged and used as instructional airframe 15-7-60 G-APLC Tiger Moth Hit power lines near Shaftesbury whilst crop spraying. 27-7-60 XK909/775PO Whirlwind HAS7 737SQ Ditched off Portland due to engine fire 11-11-60 WF766 Meteor T7 A&AEE MoD(PE). B/u & cr 3m NW of Lyme Regis, Dorset,Flt Lt J.S. Duncan AFC, killed Broke up in air 14-2-61 G-AMBI Tiger Moth DBR in force landing at Stourpaine. 4-3-61 G-ANSR Tiger Moth Crashed into sea off Studland. 20-3-61 XL876 Whirlwind HAS7 737Sq Ditched off Portland due Fire on board. 19-07-61 XN333 P.531 Wasp 771 Sq RN off Portland,Ditched - tail rotor failure 20-7-61 XJ569 Sea Vixen FAW.1 899 Sqd Abandoned in spin and crashed 5 miles from Dorchester. 31-7-61 XL873 Whirlwind HAS7 737Sq Ditched of Portland - engine Failure 31-08-61 XK529 Buccaneer S1 A&AEE MoD(PE),.Lyme Bay, Dorset, Stalled on catapult launch from HMS Hermes and crashed in sea Lt Cdr Ozzie Brown RN & Mr Terry D. Dunn killed 11-1-62 G-ALTP Oxford . damaged beyond repair by engine fire at Christchurch 03-03-62 XN334 Saro P.1953 1771 Sq RN HMS Ashanti off Portland, Ditched immediately after take-off 25-7-62 WV919 Seahawk FGA4 FRU cr landing Hurn 17-08-62 XP146 Wessex HAS1 737 Sq RN Off Portland, Ditched after lost control on night A/S sortie 14-1-63 XL853/337C Whirlwind HAS7 824Sq Ditched Portland harbour - engine failure. 20-9-63 XD213 Scimitar F.1 803 Sqd Problems landing on HMS Victorious in Channel, pilot ejected and Scimitar crashed at Chaldon Herring. 26-10-63 G-AMHF Tiger Moth Crashed in field near Gallows Hill,Bovingdon. 25-11-64 XN708 Sea Vixen FAW.1 890 Sqd Crashed Lyme Bay at night during mock attack. 08-07-65 XP144/775PO Wessex HAS1 737 Sq RN off Portland, Dorset, Ditched in English Channel after engine failure 17-3-66 XS581/V241 Sea Vixen FAW2 893Sq Crashed Lyme Bay at night during mock attack. 4-10-66 XT425/502 WaspHAS1 829Sq ditched off Portland 16-11-66 XL882/514 Whirlwind HAS7 829Sq Ditched nr Portland 8-8-67 XP137 Wessex HAS3 Severly damaged in forced landing at Rampisham, East of Beaminster,rebuilt. 13-11-67 XS864 404/DV Wessex HAS1 829 Sq Devonshire Flt RN Off Portland, ditched and sank in sea following engine failure 17-5-68 XL878/PO514 Whirlwind HAS7 771Sq Ditched off Weymouth Pier 15-7-68 WV253/24 Hunter T7 ETPS cr in sea off Lyme Regis 6-10-68 XM687/PO515 Whirlwind HAS7 771Sq cr nr Weymouth after tail cone detached 6-10-68 G-APRX DH82A Crashed Compton Abbas 9-10-68 XM665/PO512 Whirlwind HAS7 771Sq FL nr Weymouth below White Horse Hill and rolled over. 13-2-69 WL350/844 Meteor T7 FRU cr at Blandford during A a QFI check flight. Both crew(Mr R Woolley & F/Lt R V Patchett) killed. 20-6-69 XL868/57 Whirlwind HAS7 705Sq crashed in Portland Harbour, recovered ,to instructional A2595 23-8-69 XT509 Soiux AH1 ARWF MAC with XW191 during Display at Christchurch 23-8-69 XW191 Soiux AH1 ARWF see above,both a/c Blue Eagles display team 2-9-69 XL881 Whirlwind HAS7 771Sq Ditched in Channel - engine failure 9-12-69 XV637 Wasp HAS.1 829 Sqd Ditched off Portland 1-5-70 WJ632 Canberra TT18 A&AEE cr in Lyme Bay,2 killed . loss of control. Maj J.R. Weaver USAF, Flt Lt G.W.E. Foster AFM, B Squadron A&AEE FTO killed 20-5-71 XM875/PO516 Wessex 771SQ cr in sea off Portland.3 killed 14-07-71 XP174/521PO Wessex Has3 737SQ cr in sea off Portland 15-11-71 XP116 Wessex HAS3 737Sq cr in sea off Portland 13-1-72 XV645/PO529 Sea King 737Sq cr in sea off Portland 16-2-72 XS121/PO435 Wessex HAS.1 737SQ cr in sea off Portland 28-01-72 D-ANEF Viscount 814 Lufhansa crashed on landing Hurn. damaged and withdrawn from use 24-6-73 G-ASHF C-150C Broke up in midair over Poole Harbour 2-8-73 XV675/665PO Sea King HAS.1 737 Sqd Ditched off Portland 15-7-74 XP138/654PO Wessex HAS3 737Sq Ditched off Chesil Bank- 3 killed. 19-11-74 XV644 664/PO Sea King HAS1 737 Sq Ditched and sank 20 miles S of Portland. Recovered on 27.11.74 23-11-74 XX136 Jaguar T2 A&AEE cr nr Brockington Farm . Wimborne St Giles- engine fire 25-7-75 Balloon "Gerald Heineken"hit power lines at Coles Farm,Langton Matravers 31-03-76 XV669 BL/410 Sea King HAS1 820 Sq RN ditched in the English Channel off Portland during a sortie from HMS Blake 18-7-78 XP105/403DV Wessex Has3 737Sq ditched off Isle of Wight. 4-8-78 XS507/PO513 Wessex HU5 772Sq Rolled over landing at Portland,badly damaged 13-9-78 XP110 Wessex HAS3 737Sq Ditched 15 miles off Portland Bill EF 12-5-79 G-AXLH Nipper hit trees close to Hurn 24-7-79 G-BGLP F.172N Forced Landing Holmsley South on delivery flight Reims to Hurn .Slid into a ditch on landing and written off. 29-4-80 68-057 F-111E 20TFW Hit hill nr Mapperton(w of Sturminster Marshall) 2 crew killed 22-5-80 XT763/515PO Wessex Hu5 772SQ Ditched in Wetymouth Bay 27-6-80 XP156/663PO Wessex Has3 737SQ Cr in sea off Portland - 3 killed 24-9-80 G-ASFF Pa-23 Ditched off Bournemouth 11-3-81 XM872/662PO Wessex HAS3 737SQ Ditched south of Durdle Dor after engine failure.Lt Brian Gell & Lt Martyn Reid rescued by Wessex XS149(John Connell)..Lt Geoff Mackett rescued by SAR Wessex 5(Lt Andy Mckie- 772Sq) 15-7-81 XP118/664PO Wessex HAS3 737SQ Ditched 15M S of Portland (Pilot Brian Gell (see XM892 above) 22-5-82 G-DAVI TU.206G Crashed Bellamy Farm,Piddletrenthide when a parachute opened in flight- wearer was pulled out of aircraft and tangled with tailplane.At least 2 persons killed 21-1-83 ZA177/711 Sea Harrier 899Sq Pilot lost control,cr at Cattistock. 16-05-83 XE716 834/VL Hunter GA11 FRADU RN Crashed into the Channel off Portland.EF. Pilot Ejected. 06-09-83 XT427 606 Wasp HAS1 829 Sq HQ Flt RN Ditched off Portland after suffering loss of power shortly after take-off 20-10-83 ZA194 716/VL Sea Harrier FRS1 899 Sq RN Crashed at West Knighton near Dorchester following control restriction 15-04-84 G-OFRL C414 Went through fence and across road on t/o Hurn 11-6-84 G-BBXI HP Herald Wing hit by truck on ground at Hurn 19-8-84 XV569/Q Phantom FG.1 Had a problem on take-off and the navigator ejected while the aircraft was still on the runway. He was badly injured in the subsequent landing but the pilot managed to keep control of the aircraft and made a safe landing at RAF Lyneham. 3-12-84 XT767/624 Wessex HU5 772Sq Hit harbour wall following control malfunction ,1 fatality. 8-9-85 G-BDGL C206 Crashed in woods near Wimborne 24-02-87 XV668 586/- Sea King HAS5 706 Sq RN Ditched off Dodman Point during a night flying sortie. 15-5-86 G-BGFG Cheetah Nosewheel collapsed landing Compton Abbas 10-9-86 G-ASCJ Pa-24 damaged in wheels up landing at Hurn 9-4-89 G-BHXJ Norecrin cr landing at Compton Abbas 8-5-89 XX489/575CU Jetstream T2 750SQ Crashed into Portland Harbour during the annual displasy killing both crew. 18-7-89 N419FS TF-100F Ran off runway when drag chute failed on landing at Hurn 04-10-89 ZA191 Sea Harrier FRS1 801 Sq HMS Ark Royal, Lyme Bay, Abandoned after collision with carrier's mast during low-level exercise 10-4-90 XF985/877 Hunter T8C FRADU Crashed at Roman Farm Charminster near Dorchester- engine failure 19-5-91 G-BBKB C-150L Struck hilltop in cloud near Bere Regis and lost nosewheel unknown to pilot - landed at Hurn on maingear only 25-8-91 G-TEST Pa-34 undercarriage collapsed landing at Hurn during Airshow 25-8-91 WJ682/C-U Canberra Burst all tyre landing at Hurn - ran off runway and stopped 50 yds from boundary fence 8-4-92 G-OPIG ARV Force landed at Bere Regis, nosewheel collapse 31-8-92 E-813 Pampa Ia-63 Cr Hurn during display practise,pilot killed 12-7-90 G-BNSC Citation damaged in wheels up landing at Hurn 18-4-93 G-BSTC Aeronca 11AC cr on take off Henstridge,damaged 11-7-93 G-BRJY Rand KR2 Nosewheel collapsed on landing Hurn 3-10-93 G-BPOD Stolp Starduster Fatal crash on take off from Askerwell 11-12-93 G-BOYK Bensen B-8M Cr nr Charborough Park, Sturminster Marshall,Pilot Killed 25-4-94 G-BTVV C337 Nosewheel collapsed landing at Compton Abbas 1-5-94 G-SVIV Stampe SV4 cr in field short of runway Compton Abbas 11-7-94 G-BSWA Luscombe L-8A ground looped landing Compton Abbas 16-2-95 G-AYND C310 Undercarriage collapse on landing Hurn 15-8-95 G-BRUG Luscombe L-8E u/c collapsed during take off at Dudsmoor Farm,near Hurn 10-11-95 N3TQ C310 Nosewheel collapse on landing Hurn 21-11-96 G-BMZV C172P Cr at Compton Abbas after aborted go-around,pilot killed 21-3-97 G-NSFT Pa-28-161 Engine failed while prctising forced landings,cr nr Cashmoor Inn 8-4-97 G-ASVO HP Herald Struck lighting pole while under tow at Hurn 13-6-97 G-BSWK R-22 Rolled over on lift off from Hurn 6-11-97 G-FLEN Pa-28 Deliberately ditched in sea off Boscombe in apparent suicide attempt 16-5-98 G-DHWW Vampire Undercarriage collapse after landing Hurn 22-5-98 G-LOLO R-22 Hit ground & rolled over at Hurn 2-6-98 G-AXBH C172 Crashed on t/o from Compton Abbas 05-04-99 G-OPNI Bell 206B Pilot(not IMC rated) became disorientated in poor visability and crashed in Lyme Bay,2 miles S of Lyme Regis.No casualties. 03-08-99 G-SFTZ T67M U/c collapsed landing Compton Abbas 26-08-99 G-BDEX FRA150M. U/c collapsed landing Compton Abbas. 18-12-99 G-OSOW Pa-28-140 cr on take off Hurn,3 killed 11-03-00 G-BLFW AA-5 U/c collapsed- heavy ldg at Compton Abbas 07-07-00 N44DN PA-46 Malibu 350P Written off in forced ldg Lychett Matravers. 19-8-00 G-BIPI Everett Gyroplane Rolled over during taxi training at Henstridge 10-10-00 G-BYTP ATR-72 Nosewheel collapse on ldg in high winds at Hurn 01-06-01 G-BXEM Cricket MKIV Gyroplane,cr ldg at Henstridge.Pilot killed. 6-6-01 G-BGTT C-310R u/c collapsed landing at Hurn 20-7-01 G-WILD Pitts S.1T Skidded landing Compton Abbas and overturned in adjacent field. 21-07-02 G-DONI AA5B undercarriage collapsed landing Compton Abbas 11-08-01 RA44546 Yak-52 Crashed 1 mile N of Compton Abbas during aerobatics.Pilot killed 23-9-01 G-BXTY Pa-28 damaged in landing accident at Hurn 04-01-02 G-OFCH AgBell 206B. rolled over while in hover at Morn Farm Chickerell,damaged beyond repair,no casualties. 07-07-02 RA44549 Yak-50 Gear-up landing at Compton casualties. 15-07-02 G-BBHM S.61N. Coastguard Rescue,burnt out after forced ldg at Hamworthy,engine failure,no cas 08-09-02 G-ATMH Auster D5-180 Take off accident at Eyres Field.slight damage 16-9-02 G-BYBF Robin Damaged at Compton Abbas when struck by landing Kitfox 2 G-LEED 16-09-02 G-LEED Kitfox, veered of runway on take off and hit G-AYBF (above) at Compton Abbas 13-11-02 ZF123/ZQ Sea King HC.4 848Sq cr on deck of RFA Argus off Portland 19-03-03 G-BOXB Pa-28 cr on t/o at Gorwell Farm,Little Bredy airstrip 09-05-03 G-FXBT A22 Foxbat U/c collapsed following forced landing at Mapperton Farm,nr Wimborne 11-08-03 G-CHYL R-22 Beta Damaged in heavy landing at Bournemouth 24-8-03 G-BYPT Rans S-6ES Coyote Nosewheel collapsed after bounce on landing Compton Abbas. 25-10-03 N999MH C195 Slight damage after ground collision with G-AYEV at Compton Abbas 20-11-03 G-BSZU C150, forced landing nr Warham,no casualties. Aircraft returned to Hurn by road 25th Nov. 03-03-04 G-PWER A-109 Cr 1 mile east of Bournemouth airport inbound BIA from Battersea. 2 on board killed. 10-03-04 G-CBBF Beech 76 U/c collapsed landing at Bournemouth.No cas 15-02-05 G-ALIW Tiger Moth Right u/c collapsed landing Littlebredy 08-07-05 G-LITZ Pitts S1E Groundloop landing Buckland Newton 29-04-06 G-BWEV C152 Nosewheel collapse Compton Abbas 01-09-06 G-BXCW Denny Kitfox Nosed over landing at Rollington Farm,Corfe. 01-07-08 G-CEOY Schweizer 269C-1 cr SE of RW 26 threshold Bournmouth Airport 07-04-07 G-APXY C150 Nosewheel collapse landing Compton Abbas 15-04-07 G-OBFC Pa-28 cr landing at Henstridge.w/ cas. 10-06-08 G-ASJL Bonanza Nosewheel collapse Compton Abbas 08-09-08 G-CERE Evektor EV97 Damaged in aborted t/off Newton Peveril. 19-09-08 G-BZOL R3000/140 Nosewheel collapse Compton Abbas. 09-10-08 RAF2000 cr Kingston Magna, Gillingham, Dorset, 1 killed. 24-05-09 G-JUNG CASA 1-131 cr Stourton Caundle ,engine failure, Pilot killed,pssenger injured. 30-05-09 G-AYHX SAN Jodel u/c collapsed landing Henstridge,damaged. 09-08-09 G-REEC Falco F8L Wheels up ldg Compton Abbas- pilot forgot to lower u/c ! 20-12-09 G-BRIK Nipper Ran away after hand start up at Compton Abbas,hit G-CFOG Both damaged. 03-04-10 G-UILD Grob G109B Cr into trees and hangar on take off at Wing Farm, Longbridge Deverill 18-07-10 G-RAPA FR172H Started at full throttle after refueling - hit side of hangar. 15-05-11 G-AOIL Tiger Moth CR nr Witchampton ,2 on board injured,1 died later. 29-05-11 G-KIPP Thruster T600N Bounced and overturned landing Compton Abbas.No casualties. 20-08-11 XX179 Hawk T1 cr 1 km E of Hurn at Throop F/Lt J Egging killed 17-01-12 G-CBIO Thruster T600N Fcd Ldg nr Compton Abbas and casualties 04-05-12 G-CIVX Sea Vixen U/c colllapsed landing Hurn.No casualties 16-05-12 G-HIJK C421C, Swung on ldg at Hurn, nosewheel collapsed, damage to main gear. 05-08-16 N6830B Pa-22 Pacer cr Wyke Oliver Road, Preston, Weymouth.3 POB. no cas. Photo below kindly provided by the pilot,Paul Carter.
26-08-17 G-ADXT Tiger Moth Cr nr Compton Abbas , 2 killed., 15-05-18 G-RVRR Pa-38-112 cr on take-off Compton Abbas 04-09-21 N707TJ Stearman Cr poole Harbour during Wingwalker display at Bournemouth. Both Pilot and Wingwalker OK

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