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Welcome to the DORSET AIRFIELDS Website ,where you will find information on all airfields,helipads or other flying grounds and also all crashes within the county of Dorset.


As with the HAMPSHIRE AIRFIELDS site and the AVIATION IN HAMPSHIRE site ,this site deals with the county boundaries before the boundary changes that took place in the 70s.Thus the airfields at Hurn Christchurch and the early flying fields in Bournemouth are not included .However ,hyperlinks to the relevant pages in "Hampshire Airfields" are contained in the index list below.Exceptions to the county boundaries have been made in order to cover Henstridge(situated right on the boundary and actually in Somerset) and Zeals(very close to the boundary ,in Wiltshire). Both have strong Dorset connections and so are included for completeness

Latitude/Longtitude positions are generally given in conventional(degree,minute,seconds) fashion except for Military and Hospital Helipads which are given in decimal style(degrees.decimal).

Airfields(as opposed to helipads and private airstrips) have separate pages with more detailed information.Click the airfield name to go there.


Updated 15th Feb 2015

ALMER/Mapperton Farm: unconfirmed strip.

ASHLEY HEATH(Near Verwood).There was a "Q" site (Decoy Airfield ) here at some time during WW2 at Grid ref SU100066 or Lat/Long N50:51-W001:51. The control building still exists in the middle of a golf course. Some photos from Bryan Keet taken in November 2017.


ASKERSWELL/EGGARDON HILL: A Temporary field was used here in July 1930.Operated by the Dorset Gliding Club - the main purpose was for a two day event (July 5 and 6) of soaring exhibitions by Herr Kronfeld

ASKERSWELL: Stancombe Farm. See Litton Cheney.

BAGBER FARM:Between Milton Abbas and Milbourne St Andrew.Grid Ref SY811997..50.47.47N/02.15.56W.There is a private Strip here with a grass runway approx NNE-SSW(04/22)540M.(info thanks to Shaun Churchill)NB:Previously listed as DEVERALL FARM.
There appears to be a hangar at the north end of the strip.

BEAMINSTER:The Chedington Court Hotel has a helipad for the use of guests at N50.51/W02.31 ST490058,600ft amsl. There is also reported to be a private strip at Mapperton Farm, 1km west of Mapperton, near Beaminster.Can anyone confirm this?

BLANDFORD:There was an AA recommended landing ground in the 1930's(first noted 1927), situated to the east of the town, near Pimperne Camp(approx 50.52N/02.09W Grid Ref ST893080 250ft amsl.). The field had three grass runways,(04/22 1260ft.09/27 810ft,13/31 1260ft)plus a hangar."Opposite cemetery - N of A354".Whether this site was the same as the one used by the Avro 504K pictured below in not known .

BLANDFORD-Down Wood: There was a strip here in the 90s , at 50.52N/02.07W,340 ft AMSL .Runway was grass 12/30 200m. No longer operational.

BLANDFORD,Royal Signals Helipad:N50.5232/W02.0733::250 ft ASL:to the Southwest of Blandford Camp(This may no longer be in use :Oct 2008)..Another pad is at N50.52.35/W2.06.08 .A North/south strip of tarmac to the east of the camp was at one time apparently used by AOP aircraft.

BLANDFORD CAMP:A USAAF non-flying unit of the 9thAF..the 1X Engineering Command was here in the run up to D Day.

BLANDFORD,Chalbury Grange:There was a private strip here in the 60/70s.No further details at this time(Info from Martin Burney).

BLANDFORD FORUM:The Inn on the Chase at Cashmoor(N50.5540/W02.0210 ST975137,190ft amsl) has a helipad for the convenience of customers.) .

BOURNEMOUTH,Ensbury Park.Link to Hampshire airfields Bournemouth page.

BOURNEMOUTH,Hurn:Link to Hampshire airfields Bournemouth page .

BOURNEMOUTH,Talbot Village:Link to Hampshire airfields Bournemouth page.

BOVINGTON ,RAC Centre Helipad:N50.4167 W02.1419::100 ft ASL.Located at Bovington Camp close to the Tank Museum.Within the Tank Museum are TK718 Hamilcar 1 ,and Skeeter XM564.In addition there are helipads at Stanley Barracks Square(SY825885) and at the HQ Armour Centre(SY833886 and SY833888 - VIPs only) .

BOVINGTON Relief Landing Ground:N50.42.48:W02.13.23::100 ft ASL. Two helipads located at SY842903 and SY842909 on the edge of the Royal Armoured Corps tank training area.Used by Royal Navy helicopters from RNAS Portland until closure of that establishment.Current use uncertain.

BOWERSWAINE FARM:N50.53.23:W01.59.08::100 ft ASL.Private strip .Runway grass 500ft 09/27

BRADFORD ABBAS:Wyke Farm:50.55.44N/02.33.52W.There is a private strip here ,in use recently(Jan 2003) current status unknown.Strip - 500m.grass NE/SW.
Appears to have hangar at western end.(info via R Ward) .

BRIDPORT,Loders Hill:There is a private airstrip half a mile west of Loders Hill,to the South of the A35.(see LODERS HILL).

BRIDPORT,Middle Pymore Farm:SY465948, halfway between Pymore and Dottery.There is a strip here approx 429m running NW/SE. Appears to be the same location as used by The Chesil Model Flying Club.50.45.05N/02.45.31W.

BUCKLAND NEWTON,Court Farm, Top Ridge Hill: There is reported to be a strip here operated by Mr.M.D.Perrett.

CHALMINGTON(Nth of Cattistock):50 48 14N/02 34 46W.Brian Woodford,the owner of the "Woodford Collection" of aircraft kept them at Chalmington Manor and had a private strip nearby.Most of the aircraft were sold about three years ago.The airstrip ,which runs to the west from Chalmington Manor,is still active(2003)(This info from Shaun Churchill and Geoff Russell and R Ward.

CHARBOROUGH PARK:During 1944 the U S Army used a strip located in the deer park on the South side of the A31, two miles SW of Sturminster Marshall, this strip was used by L-4s of the 1st Infantry Division and by the 58th Armed Field Artillery Battalion.Was USAAF Station number 432.

CHARD:Two Ash Farm.Strip reported here 2005- any further information?Believe this may actually be in Somerset.

CHARLTON MARSHALL:Approx N50.49.43 W02.08.28:During the 70s there was a private airstrip just west of the village,adjacent to Mikes Motors Garage used by a couple of light aircraft.Aircraft were overhauled in the garage in the 1970s.

CHICKERELL,MOOR Farm:There was a private airstrip here located at N50.37/W02.31 SY637810, 60 ft amsl.No longer in use(Oct 2005).

CHICKERELL,Morn Lodge:There is a private helipad here .Operated by D Smithson who currently (Oct 2005) uses a Bell 206 (possibly N206HE)).

CHICKERELL Relief Landing Ground:No Details but possibly used in 30s by aircraft using nearby bombing range).

CHICKERELL RE Training Camp: has a helipad adjacent to the B3157.

CHICKERELL: Lower Manor Farm:N50.37.42 W02.30.50(150 metres from the lane to Moor Farm!) has a current micro strip with G-BYTR X'Air known to be based in the farm buildings next to the farmhouse.Runway ENE/WSW.

CHICKERELL : Radipole Lane:There is to be a helipad at the new Police Admin HQ here.

CHICKERELL Aerodrome:N50.36.46 W02.29.08::100 ft ASL:Airfield used by RNAS and later by RAF .Opened in 1918 .Used by the Dorset Gliding Club in the early 30s.August 14 1932 there was a display by Sir Alan Cobham's organisation - the location listed as Weymouth-Chickerell . Closed after WW2.Site now built on.

CHRISTCHURCH Airfield:Link to Hampshire Airfields Christchurch page.

COMPTON ABBAS.EGHA:N50.58.00 W02.09.00::810 ft ASL.Grass airfield opened in 1962.

CORFE CASTLE- ROLLINGTON FARM: Strip at N50.38.55/W2.02.38. current in 2009.

CRASHES In DORSET:Listing of all known aircraft crashes/accidents which occured in Dorset.

DORCHESTER:Dorsetshire Aero Club commenced operating in the summer 1928.The field was located 1.5 miles east, on west side of Dorchester-Piddletown Road. Size, 400x300 yards. (Owner, Mrs. Hull, Stinsford, Dorset). Dorchester was also in Provincial Airways 1934 timetable as a request stop on their 'West Country Air Service'.The site was probably at Middle Farm, to the west of the town & south of the main road to Bridport. It's now part of Poundbury.

DORCHESTER:Dorset County Hospital:There is a helo pad at Dorset County Hospital, for the use of medevac helos at OS co-ordinates SY685904.The padcan take helos up to and including Sea King size, but when the local SAR S.61N(from Portland) needs to medevac patients to the hospital, it has to use the Thomas Hardye School playing fields, approx 400m to the SSW.

DUDMOOR FARM(near Avon):Located just to the east of Hurn Airport,there is a private airstrip here.As has been pointed out to me this is located in what used to be Hampshire and will therefore be listed under both counties.

EAST STOKE:Kemps Country House Hotel has a helipad for use by guests at N50.4100/W02.1020 SY880871,30ft amsl.

EAST WOODYATES:SU027190.There is a private strip here at Bokerley Farm at 50.58.13N/01.57.13W,Grass runway ENE/WSW(East of the A354, North of Bowling Green Lane).

EVERSHOT:There is a helipad here operated by the Summer Lodge hotel,approx position is N50.50.14,W02.36.04.630ft amsl).

FERNDOWN: The Dormy Hotel had a helipad at N5045/W0153,SZ995085,33ft amsl.No longer extant..

FERNDOWN:There was (in the 70s/80s?) a strip here from which Cessna F172H G-AVJI was operated by Richard Lee & sons Ltd.(info from Martin Burney)Possibly the Three Legged Cross strip..

FERNDOWN:For a time during the early 90s ,microlights operated from a site here.

GALLOWS HILL: Dorset Gliding Club first operated from Gallows Hill in 1960, but at a site to the north of present one.The field was west of the Bere Regis road and north of road to Cloud's Hill.The site was used until early 1965.

GALLOWS HILL,EYRES FIELD.N50.42.45 W02.13.13::100 ft ASL(approx);Located to the east of the Bere Regis to Wool road ,very close to Bovington Camp.Used by the Dorset Gliding Club.

GILLINGHAM:Stock Hill Country House Hotel has a helipad for the use of guests at N5130/W0215,ST787267,320ft amsl.

GUTCHPOOL FARM:2.3 miles NE of Gillingham:Farm strip , grass runway NE/SW approx 700 yards..

HAMWORTHY :RAF Coastal Command and Transport Command flying boat base .Used from 1942 to 1944.Originally called RAF Poole.

GORE FARM:(1 mile East of the current Compton Abbas Airfield) There was a gliding site here in 1932.

HENBURY HEIGHTS HOUSE:(Approx 2Km SE of Sturminster Marshall) There is a helipad in use here(Shaun Churchill reports windsock seen in April 2003.

HENSTRIDGE:Royal Naval Air Station:N50.58.50 W02.21.25::184 ft ASL.Actually in Somerset.Used by the FAA from 1941 until 1957,since then used by light aircraft for private flying.crop spraying etc.

HERMITAGE,Williford Farm(previously known as Stones Farm):N50.51.80 W02.29.28:300 ft AMSL:Private strip operated by M. Cockburn during the 70s and 80s.Presently used by M.R.Aviation,UK distibutors of the Technam P92 kit aircraft.

HOLTON HEATH,Sandford Holiday Park:The wreck of Pa38-112 Tomahawk F-GCTU is here as a childrens play thing..(Approx 2Km SE of Sturminster Marshall) .

IWERNE,RANSTON FARM: A strip was in use here in the late 90s - no further info..

KINGSTON LACY:It has been said that there was a strip used by US Army liason aircraft here during the latter part of WW2.However recent information ( or rather the lack of it) indicates that , in all probability there was no official strip - rather that liason aircraft landed here on a casual basis when visiting the 28th General Hospital. Hopefully the position may be clarified in the future.

KINGSTON :On October 25th 2007 a memorial seat was dedicated here .The seat commemorates those who died in two aircraft crashes close to the spot( OS Reference SY 941789, about 1 mile west of the Scott Arms in the village of Kingston).The crashes were 232Sq RAF Liberator MkIX JT985 on 15th June 1945. En route from Holmsley South to Castel Bonito, Libya the aircraft crashed killing 5 crew and 22 passengers. The other crash was Swordfish K5985 which crashed on 18th March 1938 while en route Gosport to Roughborough, Plymouth.The pilot and two groundcrew passengers were killed.The funds for the Memorial were raised by the members of the Aircrew Association at Wool, Dorset.
The picture below , kindly provided by Colin Pomeroy, shows the seat and Wing Commander Dom Stamp, OC No 30 Hercules Squadron at RAF Lyneham; with Mr Chas Wallace, Chairman of the Wool (Founder) Branch of the Aircrew Association.


LANGTON MATRAVERS: There was a USAAF station(Number 427) here in the run up to D Day ,units were 447 Signal Const Bn ; 448 Signal Const.Bn.XIX TAC Air Cmd..(non-flying station).

LANGTON HERRING,Spikefield Farm:N50.38,60 W02.32.15.There was apparently a microlight field here at some time in the past with a couple of resident aircraft.No longer in use- has anyone any further information.

LITTLEBREDY Relief Landing Ground:N50.34.05 W02.26.59.South of Little Bredy,used by helicopters from RNAS Portland from 1972 until closure of that establishment.Another location which may still be in use is at N50.4100/W02.3520,SY598897,600ft amsl.

LITTLEBREDY:There is a private strip here, in use since the 60s ,at Littlebredy Farm with three aircraft(PA-15,Citabria,Tiger Moth) based.(October 2002 - info from Geoff Russell- Nothing here 2005 -info from Richard Ward).Can anyone confirm that this is the same location as the RNAS site above?

LITTON CHENEY:N50.43.28/W02.38.04.There is a private strip here at Stancombe Farm(Which see for more info) .The correct name is ASKERSWELL/Stancombe Farm.The E/W strip,which is immediately north of the A35 dual carriageway,may be seen in this Aerial photo.)There are apparently several resident fixed wing light aircraft(Oct 2005).

LODERS HILL:N50.44.10 /W02.43.40.35oft AMSL.There was a private airstrip here ,operational until about 1998.Runway was grass, 03/21 280 metres.

LOWER ANSTY:The Fox Inn has a helipad here at N50.4970/W02.2000,ST767033,450ft amsl.

LUCKFORD WOOD HOUSE Hotel and Camp Site:East Stoke, Wareham: There is a helipad here for use by guests.

LULWORTH RAC Gunnery School Helipad:N50.3778 W02.1408::50 ft ASL:Sportsfield located to the west of Lulworth Camp.

MAIDEN NEWTON: The original home of Dorset Glding Club from 1929.They operated from a hillside to east of the village.The site was still in use late 30's, but presumably closed on outbreak of World War 2.

MELBURY:>N50.52.43 W 02.37.06:Private strip used by Microlights .Grass runway NE/SW.

MERLEY PARK:Recent articles in "Flypast" magazine indicate the existance of an airstrip at this location used by liason aircraft of the US Army during WW2(presumably during the D Day build up)The unit involved was the 142nd Field Artillery Group using L-4s.THe precise position is as yet unknown.

MILBORNE ST ANDREW : see...Bagber Farm .

MOORTOWN AERODROME:N50.46.51 W01.56.34(approx):Private Airstrip located at Moortown Farm near Canford Magna.Used from 1921 until mid 30s .Operated by Capt,the Rt.Hon.Freddie Guest of Canford House.In 1936 the land was sold to the Bournemouth and Poole councils as a potential municipal aerodrome site but never developed.Now the site of the Canford Park Sports and Country Park.(South side of the A341).

MORETON ADMIRALTY AIRSHIP STATION:N50.42.18 W02.20.26.Located close to Woodsford Castle.Also refered to in parliament as "Woodsford Aerodrome" when questions were asked regarding expenditure. Building commenced in in 1918 and was stopped in September 1919 when virtually complete.Never used operationally due to the Armistice.Very close to RAF.Warmwell. Pictures of the site today may be found atThe Atlantik Wall website.

NEWTON PEVERIL:N50.47.40 W02.06.08:Private(Microlight) Strip in current 08).The recent (2011) photo below from Mike Phipp shows Kitfox G-BWYI taking off.


NEWTON PEVERIL.Sturminster Marshall Farm: there was a private strip here in the 60/70s.No other details known.(info from Martin Burney).

PIDDLEHINTON: During the build up to D Day the US Army operated from an airstrip here usingL-4s of the 62nd Armed Fierld Artillery Battalion.The exact location is unknown).

PLUMBER MANOR :N50.54.17,W02.19.29,200ft amsl:The Plumber Manor(Hotel),about 2 miles SW of Sturminster Newton,has a helipad for the convenience of it's guests.

POOLE HARBOUR ,BOAC :N50.41.00 W02.00.00:Marine Flying Boat Terminal 1940s.

POOLE Hospital Helipad:N50.4295 W W01.5736,20 ft ASL:Sportsfield on the edge of Parkstone Bay.

POOLE :The POOLE AVIATION CO:Founded in 1914 by Frederick Nash circa 1914 - operated till at least 1918. Picture below is of the company's workforce

POOLE ROYAL MARINES: Amphibious Training Unit Helipads: 1)N50.4311 W02.0137.Sports Field. 2)N50.4329 W02.0135. Parade Ground.Both 65 ft ASL.

POOLE Sunseekers Factory:There is a helipad here for the use of customers etc. at SZ010909,N5043/W0159,5ft amsl.

POOLE: The US Army(266th and 551st FA Battalion) are believed to have used a temporary strip in the Poole area during the time around D-Day.According to Don Horowitz (who was with the 551st FAB) their unit had a Piper cub flown by a second lieutenent. the unit was biletted "across the road from Poole Park" and the airstrip was "quite near" .The 551st were there till shortly after D-Day. Any further info about exact location would be very welcome.

POOLE,Poole Park:In the 3rd August 1916 Edition of Flight..... On Saturday the Bournemouth Aviation Co.,(The Talbot Woods aerodrome) accepting the invitation of the Committee of the Soldiers' Home and Hospital at Poole, arranged for their pilot, Mr. Summerfield, to pay a visit and give a free " show."
He was accompanied on the 14 min. trip by Mr. F. E. Etches, and the landing, by a spiral vol plane from a height of 3,000 ft., in Poole Park was a piece of skilful piloting which was audibly appreciated by the wounded soldiers.
The flags which had decorated the 60 h.p. Caudron during its trip, together with a postcard autographed by pilot and passenger, were sold at Poole, and realised quite a goodly sum to enhance the Committee's funds.
As the ground at Poole was very small and uneven, Mr. Summerfield had to return solo, but after getting up he executed several stunts before making off for Bournemouth.

PORTLAND BILL RN Helipad:N50.3111 W02.2734:100 ft ASL:For emergency use only.Used by RNAS portland until closure of that establishment.

PORTLAND RNAS:N50.34.10 W02.26.46::15 ft ASL.Opened (as HMS Sereptia) in September 1916.Finally closed 1999.A SAR flight operated by Bristow Helicopters is based here and will remain for the foreseeable future(Feb2003).


PUNCKNOWLE: A windsock has been reported near here,possibly at Puncknowle Manor Farm .Can any one confirm the existence of either a strip or helipad here?

SANDBANKS:The US Army had a strip here during the build up for D Day ,used by L-4s of the 153rd Field Artillery Battalion. The exact location is not known.

SANDBANKS RNAS:N50.41.22 W01.56.18:: Water Airfield.Satellite station for RNAS Lee-on-Solent.Used from May 1940 to October 1943.

SHAFTESBURY:In the 30s the AA listed an 1800ft grass strip in use at Canfield Farm southwest of the town:(N50.59.45/W02.10.08 600ft AMSL) Runways were given as 00/18 1200ft,06/24 1440ft,09/27 1800ft.

SHAFTESBURY:TheSedgehill Manor Hotel has a helipad at N5104/W0211,ST862275,440ft amsl.

SHERBORNE:In 1927 "Flight" lists a Landing ground here.

SIXPENNY HANDLEY:There is a private airstrip here at Middle Chase Farm grid ref SU007210.No further details known.( Location from Martin Burney).

SPETISBURY :There is believed to be a strip at or near Crawford Bridge.

STALBRIDGE/BIBBERNE FARM:N50.57.02 W02.22.05:Private Airstrip .Runway Grass N/S 500m.Operated by Mr D Mogg.Closed October 2003 .

STANCOMBE FARM:5NM NE of BRIDPORT at 50.43N/02.37W. 600AMSL. Runway grass 09/27 510m.Private strip operated by H Elder.See entry for Litton Cheney for more info. .

STOUR ROW/GOOD'S FARM: about 3 miles west of Shaftesbury.There is a microlight strip here - believed operational since 2003 ( info from Richard Ward) .

STUBHAMPTON,Ashmore Barn Farm:N50:55:24 W2:07:14: There was a strip here about 1997/8 used by G-NINA.Strip was NE/SW ,grass ,about 500m.Current status unknown.

STUBHAMPTON,2008:There is believed to be a strip at Busseys Stool Farm N50.5611/W02.0557.

STUDLAND:The MANOR HOUSE HOTEL: has a helipad for use by the guests at N50.3860/W01.5683,SZ037827,65 ft amsl;and the Knoll house hotel has a helipad at N5039/W0157,SZ032833,50ft amsl.

STURMINSTER MARSHALL:There is a private strip here near the Black Horse pub at N50 47.41/W002 05.50(2015)

STURMINSTER NEWTON:In 1927 "Flight" lists a Landing ground here.

SWANAGE/WORTH Aerodrome:N50.35.32 W 02.02.46:Private aerodrome which opened on 16-8-1928.Located between Worth Matravers and St.Albans Head,it was operated by the very active Isle of Purbeck Light Aeroplane Club.The club used a Simmonds Spartan aircraft and in 1928 had a total of 128 members (Pilots,Observers & associates).Date of closure not known ,but certainly by 1939.However ,during 1940 a site in the locality,was used by Avro 504Ns fromthe Christchuch based Special Duties Flight, towing gliders for Radar trials.Maps exist showing the site used as approximately the same as the prewar aerodrome.However there is information that it was on the cliffs further south, adjacent to the TRE which was established in spring/summer 1940. .

SWANAGE:There is a helipad on the King Goerge V Playing field at N50.3667/W01.5797,SZ024795,60 ft amsl.

SWANAGE:There is a helipad at Godlington Manor, near Swanage(reported 2006).

TARRANT HINTON: private strip here in 2008 at 5048N 0216W.

TARRANT RUSHTON:N50.51.00 W02.04.30::255 Ft ASL:Probably the best known Dorset airfield.Opened in 1943 As RAF,post war used by Flight Refuelling until the Mid 70s when closed.Runways removed in early 80s.In April 2003 I was informed( by Shaun Churchill) that there is an attempt under way to obtain planning permission for a grass runway on the site.The old hangars to be used for aircraft storage.

THORNICOMBE: Redbarn Farm at Thornicombe housed a collection of Hiller UH-12's from autumn 1979, most had departed by 1983. Later in the late 80s, the same site housed an airworthy Westland Whirlwind .THORNICOMBE is on A354 south west of Blandford, and west of Charlton Marshall .

THORNICOMBE: By 2007 a helipad was in use here at a private house, with a resident Bell 206 (no connection with the entry above).

THREE LEGGED CROSS.There are unconfirmed reports of a microlight strip in this vicinity during the 60/70s.Has anyone any further information?( info from Martin Burney and anon) .

TOLLER ADMIRALTY AIRSHIP STATION:N50.46.49 W02.39.11:Located to the west of Toller Porcorum.Used by No.9 Group for about 7 months during 1918(closed November 1918) as a satellite station for Mullion (Cornwall).

TOLPUDDLE:During the 70s there was reported to be a private airstrip in the locality.Nothing further known.

TOLPUDDLE:2008 :There is a private strip at Map ref 790952.

TOP RIDGE HILL:Court Farm,Buckland Newton:N50.50.31,W02.26.55:There is a private airstrip here operated by Mr M.D.Perrett.

UPTON ADMIRALTY AIRSHIP STATION:N50.44.23 W02.02.03(Approx):In use 1917/1918 as a satellite for Polegate(Sussex).Located to the west of Poole.and used as a base for anti-U Boat patrols .

UPTON GRANGE Holiday Cottage Estate, Upton Farm, Upton, Near Ringstead Bay. Helipad . Recently (2014) reopened by new owners for use by residents and guests.

WAREHAM:"Flight" mentions a landing ground here in 1927.

WARMWELL:RAF Station:N50.41.40 W02.20.30::203 ft ASL.Originally known as RAF Woodsford, opened in May 1937,the name was changed in June 1938(possibly to avoid confusion with several other aerodromes with names beginning with "Wood").Used by both RAF and USAAF during WW2.Closed November 1945.See also this selection of .Photos taken at RAF Warmwell during August 1940 at the height of the Battle of Britain.

WEST LULWORTH:The Dorset Gliding Club operated from a site here in the 1930s .Exact location not known at this time.

WEST MOORS RAOC Helipad:N50.5023 W01.5310::100 ft ASL:Army Petroleum Depot .Pad located on sportsfield close to the B3072 adjacent to the Depot.In 2010-2011 visitors included Chinooks, Gazelles, Merlins and Squirrels.

WEYMOUTH:Emergency Field listed by Flight in May 1928 as 2 miles north-north east on main Weymouth-Wareham Koad. Size, 500x500 yards , John's Church spire,1.25 miles south.Owners, Weymouth Bay Estate Co., Preston, Dorset.

WEYMOUTH:LODMOOR:There was an aerodrome here(Actual location was the Weymouth Cricket Club's ground at Overcombe Corner)- used by the RFC/RN for flying.It is recorded that Lt Spencer Grey flew a Blackburn Monoplane from here on 7th January 1912 .On the 10th January he crashed on landing whilst trying to avoid spectators on the landing ground.He suffered a dislocated arm.There was a hangar to accomodate the aircraft.In May 1912 the RFC used a site during the period around the Naval Review held at Portland in May.The aircraft were a Short biplane,a Deperdussin and a Nieuport. The aircraft had been bought to Portland on board the HMS Hibernia which had been fitted with a launching platform in the bows.An additional Short biplane, No.41, fitted as a "hydro- aeroplane had also come on the battleship. The "hydro-aeroplane" flew from Portland harbour. A "shed" had been provided on the shore for the aircraft(see image below on LEFT below ).Right hand image below shows Cdr Samson at Lodmoor with Short aircraft "S38". In addition there were visits by several civilian machines at that time- including Claude Grahame-White who flew his Henri-Farman monoplane from the aerodrome(The aircraft was brought in by rail & road- taken to Lodmoor and re-assembled).Also present at the time was Benny Hucks with his aircraft.Both men made flights over the assembled Fleet.Graham - White then departed to Hendon. There were further visits later in the summer by RFC aircraft.
By 1921 there was a "listed" aerodrome here according to "Flight" Sept 8th 1921 .This continued in use until 1933.The postcard below shows " Weymouth Aerodrome , possibly this is the same place.

Above and below: contemporary postcards showing entrants in the Daily Mail waterplane race at Weymouth in 1912.

A postcard showing A"Hyroplane of the British Navy at Weymouth in May 1912".

A postcard showing "seaplane alighting off Weymouth".

Two postcards both showing Claude Grahame-White at Weymouth in two different aircraft, probably circa 1912.Note the apparent damage to the rear fuselage in the top picture(both photos thanks to A .Wilson-Sandys) .

N50.3691 W02.3001::100 ft ASL.Barracks Square adjacent to the B3157 at the Royal Engineers Training Camp south of Chickerell.

WEYMOUTH District Hospital Helipad:N50.3741 W02.2692::30 ft ASL:Located on Sportsfield at Melcombe Regis north of the hospital.

WEYMOUTH -WYKE REGIS R.E. Helipad:N50.3586 W02.2926::150 ft ASL: Sportsfield, located at the R.E.Training Camp at Wyke Regis(SW Weymouth).

WEYMOUTH ,WESTHAM :There was apparently some kind of airfield here in the 1920s.It is on record that the Weymouth Rugby Club used the site of an "old Airfield" in the 20s & 30s.It is probable that this refers to the original Chickerell aerodrome).

WIMBORNE/DEANS GROVE-Walford Farm .There are plans for a Microlight strip here(late 2006) .

WIMBORNE MINSTER:During the pre D Day build up the US ARMY 979th, 980th and 981st Field Artillery Battalions operated L-4 liason aircraft from an airstrip here .

WINFRITH:Dorset Police HQ:The Dorset Police Air Wing operated a MD900(G-BXZK) from here .Now operates from Hurn.

WINFRITH AEA Helipad:N50.4063 W02.1478::100 ft ASL.Sportsfield within the Winfrith Nuclear facility.

WINFRITH HEATH Decoy("Q") Site:N50.44.40 W02.16.38.Located about 3 miles southeast of Warmwell and used to draw attackers away from that airfield during WW2.

WINTERBOURNE STICKLAND /Hedge End Farm: Airstrip... when? location?.

ZEALS:N51.05.30 W02.18.45::550 ft ASL.Actually in Wiltshire but right on the county boundary.Opened May 1942 for the RAF,later used by USAAF and then the Fleet Air Arm.Closed in 1946.

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