Lat/Long: 504140N/022030W.Grid ref SY765885. 203 feet ASL.IDENT "XW".USAAF Station 454

RUNWAYS:Grass: NE-SW 900 yds,NW-SE 900 yds,WNW-ESE 1680yds.

A selection of pictures taken at Warmwell during August 1940 - during the Battle of Britain.
These photos, provided by Brian Adams , were taken at Warmwell during the summer of 1940 by a (now deceased ) friend of his.They show men and aircraft of 609 Squadron. The Ops board lists a number of pilots - such details as I have been able to find are listed below the picture. If you can add to this please contact me
609 Squadron was based at Middle Wallop, having arrived there from Northolt on the 4th and 5th of July 1940. Half of the squadron's aircraft were detached to Warmwell this being closer to the coast.The whole squadron moved in from Middle Wallop on 2nd October 1940 ,staying until the 24th February 1941 when the unit moved to Biggin Hill

Warmwell group
Two views of the airfield at Warmwell. A Spitfire in the background in the upper picture.The pilot with a mug in his hand facing the camera is David Moore Crook, drinking from a mug is Sqd Ldr "George" Darley. Tall pilot on rt is Sgt Alan Feary.In the lower picture the pilot drinking from the mug is PO Taduisez Nowierski.
warmwell 1
P/O Andrew 'Andy' Mamedoff (RAF No: 81621) an American who joined 609 Squadron on the 8th of August 1940 leaving on the 18th of September 1940 to help form the No 71 'Eagle' Squadron at Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincoinshire.
Battle damage ! P/O Andy Mamedoff showing the damage to his Spitfire after an encounter with a Me.110 on August 13th 1940.
More battle damage and looking rather worn.
F/Lt Frank J.Howell in his aircraft.(R6691/PR-J)
In the upper photo(Taken on 13th August) the pilots are-Standing: P/O E.Q.'Red' Tobin, P/O'Osti' Ostazewski, P/O Geoff Gaunt, P/O Paul Edge, P/O Stephen Beaumont,F/Lt. Frank Howell, S/L George Darley, F/Lt J.H.G'Butch' McArthur, Sgt A.N.Feary, P/O T.'Novo' Nowierski,P/O Teeny Overton. Front: P/O Mike Staples,F/Lt David Crook,P/O Mick Miller. In the lower photo the pilot on the left is PO Noel Agazarian.
Two pictures showing battle damage to aircraft at Warmwell .
warmwell board
The 609 Squadron Operations board at Warmwell on 13th August 1940.This was Hitler's planned "Adlertag"(Eagle Day).Below is some information on those pilots listed on the board.

S/L H S (George) Darley left to become Station Commander at Exeter on 27th Sept. He died in November 1999.

No.76741 F/O Piotr Ostaszewski-Ostoja - Polish

P/O Michael Appleby.Left the Squadron in the autumn of 1940. Later reached rank of Squadron Leader. Left RAF in 1945

F/L J.H.G."Butch"McArthur, a very experienced ex-testpilot , leader of 'B' Flight .

No.76803 P/O Tadeusz Nowierski - Polish

F/O T.Nowierski was saved when he baled out of his Spitfire over Sailsbury Plain after undercarriage failure on the 5th Oct at 18:15hrs. He returned to Poland after the war. He died of a heart failure on the 2nd of April 1983.

F/Lt David M. Crook joined 609Sq on the 30th of June 1940 was K.I.A. after the Battle of Britain.

F/Lt Frank J.Howell was on patrol near Poole in Dorset on the 18th July. At 15:15hrs he was in combat with a Ju-88 he baled out and was picked up by the Navy.

P/O H(Harry)McD.Goodwin.Lost around 1730hrs on the 14th of August while flying Spitfire N3024, shot down -circumstances unknown- his body washed ashore on the Isle of Wight

Sgt. A.N.Feary. Killed in action 7th October 1940

P/O M.E.Staples was wounded when he baled out of his Spitfire after combat with a Bf109 over Yeovil at 16:30hrs on the 7th Oct 1940. He was killed when with 604 Sqn 9 Nov 1941

P/O R.F.G.Miller was killed on the 27th Sept 1940 at 11:45hrs. His Spitfire(X4107) collided with a a Bf110C-4(3297/3U+FT ) of ZG 26 near Kingcome in Dorset.The Spitfire crashed near Piddlehinton, the Bf110 at Bellamy's Farm Piddletrenthide

F/Lt John Charles Dundas from Yorkshire was the older brother of H.S.L.Dundas. He joined 609 Sq before the war.He was credited with destroying 11 confirmed and 4 shared during the Battle of Britain and was awarded the D.F.C. On the 28th of November 1940 he was flying a Spitfire and he shot down Helmut Wick off the Isle of Wight who was flying a Bf109. Wick's wing man then the shot down and killed Dundas at 16:15hrs.

warmwell 1

From Stan Ince comes this menu from Christmas 1941 at RAF Warmwell.

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